A New Policy Regarding Computer Using in the Workplace

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Using computers in the workplace is an important aspect that allows optimizing operational processes, and in the banking sector, this measure is necessary. However, the analysis of the time spent by employees at the bank branch of Henrietta, TX, demonstrates uncontrolled and frequent access to potentially unsafe websites. This problem is relevant to many areas and requires intervention. For instance, according to the research by Arciniega et al. (2019), based on the assessment of the activities of more than 500 British organizations, 73% of companies faced data security threats due to the improper use of Internet resources by employees (p. 1137). Therefore, the development of a new policy regarding the use of computers in the workplace is a crucial measure to safeguard bank assets and train the staff in the proper use of the global network.

Issue Description

By analyzing the use of the local banking network, the time spent by the staff on the Internet was estimated. Based on the results of the assessment, employees spend hours on potentially unsafe websites that may contain malicious software or phishing programs. However, in the work instructions, there is no rule prohibiting the person from doing this. Accordingly, to avoid severe consequences for the bank’s assets, an appropriate policy should be implemented.

Background of the Issue

The implementation of the relevant policy can help not only address the Internet misuse allowed by the bank staff but also increase performance. Fusi and Feeney (2018) argue that security problems and privacy risks are the factors that are complicated by low employee productivity. Because this aspect is significant in managerial practice, addressing the presented issue is highly significant in the context of improving performance outcomes. Otherwise, the consequences of uncontrolled Internet access can be dangerous and fraught with the suspension of the bank’s activities for an indefinite period.

Ethical Aspects

From an ethical perspective, unrestricted access to potentially malicious websites is a violation of workplace behavior. Arciniega et al. (2019) equate using Internet resources for individual purposes with neglecting the corporate code of ethics and argue that managers should monitor this aspect carefully. It is possible that some employees are not aware of the threats that spending a long time on unsafe websites entails for the bank. Accordingly, resolving the issue through a new control policy can help address significant ethical nuances.

The legality of the Issue

When considering the problem from a legal perspective, one can note the threats to which the staff exposes bank assets. Williams et al. (2018) analyze this issue and state that employees have to be aware of the dangers of phishing programs and avoid malicious software. At the same time, the absence of corresponding restrictions in the official charter of the bank does not allow regulating these working nuances. Thus, the value of the new policy lies in an opportunity to legitimize staff responsibility for the misuse of potentially unsafe digital content in the workplace.


As the key components of the new policy, the following innovations are proposed:

  • Using appropriate firewalls when working with Internet resources.
  • Prohibiting websites with entertainment content by blocking specific domains.
  • Regularly software checks for viruses.
  • Uploading files through trusted resources and avoiding suspicious file sharing.

These measures can help secure bank assets and, at the same time, increase employee productivity in the workplace.


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