Adhocracy Culture in an Information Technology Company

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Company culture is an essential part of the successful functioning of the organization. It does not have a direct impact on efficiency or income, but it helps to establish a comfortable environment among the colleagues, which leads to the improvement of their results. In order to ameliorate the company culture, the business owner has to create a team of employees who would share the values of the organization, have leadership skills, and appreciate the system established among other staff members. An example of an IT company that works in the sphere of entertainment would be analyzed in this research. It is possible to consider the Netflix case as an illustration of the office of the required type. The purpose of this paper is to describe the traits of the characters and leadership qualities of the workers and to provide an overview of the ideal company culture.

Characteristics of Employees

The influence of the employees on the company culture should not be underestimated as they are a crucial part of the organization. It is possible to assume that the adhocracy culture is the best variant for a technological business with the production of entertaining content. First of all, there are diverse departments that have their own specificities of functioning. It is hard to evaluate the impact of each part of the office on the final results; that is why the system where everyone is equal is the perfect solution. Secondly, taking into consideration the sphere of entertainment, there are many complex processes that can not be realized by one person. That is why it is necessary to establish a system where all staff members could ask for advice from their colleagues and take part in the meeting without feeling any pressure (Bretcu & Demyen, 2018). Finally, the adhocracy culture is the best variant for creative production, like making a film or a series. It is beneficial for the employees as it makes the process of decision making more comfortable and pleasant for its participants.

Taking into account the choice of the adhocracy culture for the organization, it can be observed that its values require specific characteristics of the employees. For example, an adequate understanding of respect is crucial for the worker as even the top-managers have to be polite and friendly to every staff member of the office. What is more, multitasking is another vital point that is needed in organizations like Netflix. The project manager has to communicate with the IT-department, with the directors of the creative content, with the production section. The professional needs to be aware of diverse processes in each office in order to organize the work in a most efficient way. Communicative skills are essential for the employees as the production of entertaining content requires contacting the contractors and the stakeholders. The level of education should also be taken into consideration because most of the staff members are supposed to be engaged in difficult intellectual tasks.

Respect for others would be favorable for creating a positive atmosphere in the company. Communicative skills are necessary for both good terms with the colleagues and establishing mutually beneficial relationships with the partners. The technical potential of the workers would have a significant impact on the materialistic results of the organization. In conclusion, the starting point for hiring a potential employee is understanding and appreciating the values of the adhocracy system without regard to the position he or she wants to get. If the human corresponds to this requirement, it necessary to investigate his working experience, level of education, communicative skills, and personal traits of character.

Leadership Qualities

Managers are significantly important for the efficient functioning of the organization. In the adhocracy culture, empathy is crucial for the leader because communication is based on the values of informality and equity. Moreover, this quality is necessary as it helps to establish friendly and trusting relationships. It means that in case of some difficulties, the manager would know about them in the short term and would be able to solve the problem at a minimum cost. Empathy plays a significant role in creating a positive atmosphere; it would be advantageous for the employees as it would help them to feel safe in this environment. The feeling of security is supposed to make the workers more relaxed and make the discussions more productive. Moreover, the atmosphere of support would prevent crucial mistakes because the staff members would be able to ask any questions and get full and useful answers.

It is possible to assume that a good leader also has to be determined. Production of entertaining content requires significant efforts and could be a long-lasting process; that is why the manager needs to be passionate about the final product and confident during the challenging period. The determination of the leader would be detected by the team and would accelerate the operation and improve the result. What is more, this trait of character would be a motivator for the colleagues to perfrom in a more efficient way.

Organizational Culture

The implementation of the adhocracy culture does not mean that the employees have absolute freedom of what to do and how to plan the working day. It would be beneficial to create a universal system of rules in the company. It is also possible to introduce the “report day” when the managers would exchange the problems they faced and try to find a solution together. The leaders need to encourage their employees regularly. The promotion should be discussed individually: for one of the workers, the best option may the day-off, for the other – the opportunity to choose a project to be engaged in. The evaluation of the efficiency of the adhocracy system would be analyzed by the reports, both from the managers and the staff members, in order to have an objective overview of the situation.


The adhocracy culture was chosen as the best option for an IT organization specializing in the production of entertaining content. It is the most beneficial variant because the process of creative production requires informality, equity, and respect for others. These values correspond to the main ideas of this company culture. Among the most important characteristics of the employees are multitasking, communicative skills, and the level of professionalism and education. For the leaders of the organization, it is necessary to be determined and empathic as these two traits are beneficial for the positive atmosphere and for achieving successful results. The evaluation of the efficiency of the adhocracy would be implemented by the regular reports for the managers and staff members. Moreover, specific rules and the system of encouragement should be established for the correct functioning of the adhocracy. A technical company producing creative content has diverse departments and complex structures; that is why strong leadership, a positive atmosphere, and equality are especially important.


Bretcu, A., & Demyen, S. (2018). Total quality management and collaborative adhocracy. Annals of the University of Oradea: Economic Science Series, 1(40), 402-422.

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