ADL: Comprehensive Activity Analysis

The activity of daily living (ADL) analyzed in this paper is the dressing, namely, fastening the buttons on a shirt. A typical performance of the activity is the subject of the analysis. The critical physical goal of the action is to grasp small objects and maintain control of hands and fine motor movements.

The performance of the activity requires the right level of self-control and coping strategies when the process of buttoning provokes stress and anxiety. Coping strategies may include breathing exercises, pausing before resuming the activity, etc. Low frustration tolerance may result in an increased level of stress; therefore, an instructor should educate a client to focus on control, set achievable goals every day, and work on improving the level of frustration tolerance. The activity of buttoning provides for the expression of the social well-being value as it is one of the self-care activities to be performed regularly. The patient presenting the activity is interested in proving social worth by completing the process in a confident timely manner; thus, time management seems somewhat relevant while performing ADL. Time-consuming experience when performing the occupation may trigger anger and aggravation. Completing the activity on time after the treatment may induce feelings of content and self-appreciation.

The occupation is essential to the patient as it is a part of social participation, increasing the feeling of self-worth, which ultimately contributes to the patient’s phycological well-being and health. The activity can provoke a sense of anger if not performed adequately, or a feeling of self-sustainability, if the client is satisfied with the outcome of the event or the activity progress. Patients with OCD may experience a heightened sense of disgust when the activity presents itself complicated, characterized by either facial expressions or by aversion behavior towards the ADL. The ability to perform the occupation independently may lower the feelings of frustration and increase self-efficacy in hand control, and self-confidence.

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