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The contamination of the air is a major environmental health problem that affects everyone due to the excessive release of harmful substance particles introduced into the earth’s atmosphere. “Air pollution is a mix of particles and gases that can reach harmful concentrations both outside and indoors.”(Nunez, 2019, p. [Page #]). Those toxic particles can contain hundreds of different chemicals and can penetrate deep into the lungs, contributing to heart and lung disease (Thompson, 2019, p. [Page #]). “Particulate or particle air pollution is made up of microscopic pieces of dust, dirt, smoke, and soot mixed with liquid droplets” (‘Air Pollution,’ 2019, p. [Page #]). Ozone, sulfur dioxide, particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, and lead (Nakayak, 2005, p. [Page #) are pollutants that have drawn more attention due to the higher chance of harm they can cause to human health.

An average human inhales about 5,000 to 15,000 liters of air (Nakayak, 2005, p. [Page #) in a day, natural and toxic ones. The toxic air contains particles that can increase “the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as respiratory illnesses and lung cancer”(Nakayak, 2005, p. [Page #). Exposure to airborne toxic chemicals is also associated with serious human health effects, including cancer, reproductive issues, and birth defects (Ghaili, 2019). Elders and babies have a greater chance of being affected by these particles due to their delicate organs. Lives in the womb are starting to get affected by these pollutants. Mothers exposed to high levels of carbon dioxide and particles during pregnancy are at greater risk of having birth difficulties. They “could have babies with smaller head size and low birth weights” (Ghaili, 2019). Asian countries are where the most contamination of the air is seen.

The data available for us indicates that in Asian countries air pollution is a major concern. China is known to be a major source of dust particles, with its factory complexes spread across the country constantly emitting dense smoke. (Yuda, 2019). Which this resulted in not only the harm of some of its large cities but has also drifted on subtropical westerly winds to reach South Korea and even Japan (Yuda, 2019 ). Since 2013 and 2014 the air quality levels in Beijing have improved.

Air pollution can come from two different sources, human and natural. Human pollution is the one responsible for most of the damage made to environmental and human health. Such as the energy used for agriculture, when fossil fuel is burned to produce the energy it releases greenhouse gases into the air as well as the burning of fossil fuels. “Though many living things emit carbon dioxide when they breathe, the gas is widely considered to be a pollutant when associated with cars, planes, power plants, and other human activities that involve the burning of fossil fuels such as gasoline and natural gas”(Nunez, 2019, p. [Page #]). Natural sources like Volcano eruptions, pollen, wildfires, and allergens are other sources from where the contamination in the air comes from. “Volcanic eruptions can spew massive amounts of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, sometimes causing cooling that lasts for years.”(Nunez, 2019, p. [Page #]). These are the types of natural contamination that unfortunately we cannot prevent, unlike reducing the usage of non-renewable resources, which contribute to the earth’s bad air quality.

Taking care of air pollution should be our major concern because it has been adding to global warming, the death of thousands of people every year and reducing visibility in large cities. In recent events, we have seen how global warming has increased dramatically, carbon Dioxide is one gas that is most abundant in the earth’s atmosphere and the worst from the greenhouse gases that lead to climate change and global warming (Wheeler, 2003, p. [Page #]). Air contamination also leads to premature deaths since the air polluted particles are reaching the womb and affecting unborns. With the contamination in the air people with respiratory or heart problems have a higher chance of worsening their illness. Fine particles affect visibility creating a white or brown haze that prevents us from seeing far known as smog. “Ground-level ozone is produced by the combination of pollutants from many sources, including smokestacks, cars, paints, and solvents. When a car burns gasoline, releasing exhaust fumes, or a painter paints a house, smog-forming pollutants rise into the sky” (Cleaning up Air Pollution:The,’ 1993, p. [Page #]).

Global warming is affected by the contamination that we have in today’s date which has worsened in recent decades, carbon Dioxide being one of the gases that are trapped in the globe is one of the major problems since it is caused by us humans. “Air pollutants cause less-direct health effects when they contribute to climate change. Heat waves, extreme weather, food supply disruptions, and other effects related to increased greenhouse gases can have negative impacts on human health” (Brimblecombe, 2019, p. [Page #]). When air polluted particles are breathed in they can affect every organ inside your body. These particles go deep into the lungs and bloodstream causing the inflammation and hardening of artery walls which increases the risk of heart disease (‘Air Pollution,’ 2017, p. [Page #]).

Carbon-reducing projects are already underway in every part of the world since it is a global issue. In Asian countries, the situation has worsened due to the overpopulation and the constant use of carbon-used machinery but they are thriving for a solution “China, for example, is making strides in cleaning up smog-choked skies from years of rapid industrial expansion, partly by closing or canceling coal-fired power plants”(Nunez, 2019, p. [Page #]). These add to the smog that is surrounding Asian countries, reducing the visibility and forcing people to wear masks to protect themselves from inhaling these toxic particles. Projects like The Smog Project, designed by Dubai-based architecture firm Znera Space, is an ambitious proposal to clean the air in one of the world’s most polluted cities (Thomas, 2018, p. [Page #). Biogas digesters provide households with clean energy. Wind turbines are one of those carbon-reducing projects that will bring us energy without contaminating the air we breathe in. If the government in Asian countries encourages people to use public transportation in order to reduce the amount of contaminated air that comes from a single car, the levels of contamination could go down. Not many people are familiar with this environmental problem, and that leads to no support from the citizens of the country.

The National Green Tribunal ordered farmers to stop burning their crops in the region around New Delhi in 2015, but the practice still continued last year. Smoke from the farm fires contributed about one-quarter of the levels of the most dangerous air pollution in the Indian capital, environmental experts said (Thomas, 2018, p. [Page #) If laws and instructions are not followed a change in the contamination will not change it will still be the same, stuck in the same place we are now everyone has to contribute and be willing to work for a change.

Artist Daan Roosegaarde created The Smog Free Tower will create bubbles of clean air in inner-city parks and Roosegaarde hopes, raise awareness of the dangers of air pollution (Morlin-yron, 2016, p. [Page #] ). Due to his visit to Beijing and not being able to see anything due to the smog surrounding the big city. Even as the Environmental Protection Agency writes new rules to tighten toxic emissions from buses and big trucks, some diesel engine manufacturers say they won’t be able to meet the standards and instead will pay their way out of complying, at least for the short-term (Miller, 1996, p. [Page #] ). Measurements are being taken and laws are being implemented but not everyone is willing to help with the changes that are being made.

In conclusion, air pollution will continue to be a major issue in Asian countries until the carbon-reducing project starts taking effect as well as building safe and affordable methods of transportation, moving away from fossil fuels. As long as carbon-used machinery like cars, airplanes, motorcycles, trains and boats are still in use we will run with the problem of air contamination. In order to stop or at least decrease pollution, we should find ways to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, which is one of the greatest contributors to contamination in the air. If these measurements are not taken the well being of babies, elderly people and any kind of living being will be affected, humans are the ones with the greater chance of getting affected due to disease, the destruction of our homes, and the overly heated temperatures we have due to global warming. If all of us do not give our best to help take care and save the environment soon enough we will not have it because it will be destroyed and we will be one of the major causes of that outcome.

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