An Analysis of Crimes of the Hearts, A Story of Three Sisters

Crimes of the Heart which is story of three sister which are having a unbreakable era getting though long time sibling struggle. The three sisters are also trying to get through a major happening in the play, which is the shooting of Babes husband. The three sisters have the last name of McGrath and one is Lenny the other is Meg and the youngest one is Babe.
The plot in Crimes of the Heart which is all aspects including setting, character, and style, is manipulated into detail that, despite its difficulty it is easily understood.

Three sisters with quite different personalities and lives reunite when the youngest of them, Babe, has just shot her husband. The oldest sister, Lenny, takes care of their grandfather and is turning into an old maid, while Meg, who tries to make it in Hollywood as a singer/actress, has had a wild life filled with many men. Their reunion causes much joy, but also many tensions.

Crimes of the Heart is a play of severe, yet tactful complexity: its humor is unconventional, and its style is unusual. Henley’s setting is of a familiar background, the south especially Mississippi, she can control and structure as she needs. Acknowledges a scholar, Henley, best know for her plays that combine comedy and suffering in small-town settings in the south(Elizabeth 1), writes in the town of Hazlehurst, Mississippi. The entire play takes place in the McGrath kitchen. It is the most basic of settings possible, but the play does not lack diversity in any other way.

This critic realizes the primary character in Henley’s plays are women, usually very misfortunate, who explore their identities as a response to the men in their lives (Elizabeth 1). In this case the three Mcgrath sisters all have there own quality in life one is the selfconscious one the other is the irresponsibly one and the last is the suffering from being in the middle.

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