An Analysis of “Peach” by D. H. Lawrence

What will you think of, when you eat a fruit, like a peach? I think many people’s answer would be nothing at all. However, a peach triggers some poetic romance in D.H. Lawrence, and some beautiful verses are thus created. The poem _Peach_ was brainless at first glance–this is indeed not an impenetrable poem, but it renders a significant thought that the creations of nature, even the most unconscious ones, has the beauty that no artificial objects can ever achieve.

The poem itself in free verse is modernist, defying conventional structured form and the language is more prose than scanned lines – the whole poem is a kick at traditional attitudes and the Victorians were not traditionalists but reactionaries regarding their attitudes to sex, so this is a complex revolutionary poem and extemely modern for its time.

The poem is intensely modernist. Not only does D H Lawrence take an everyday activity (eating a peach) and unpack unsuspected and surprising meaning from it.

Lawrence suggests that the simple pleasure of eating a peach may be connected with the way that the peach hasn’t been manufactured. Nature’s beauty is embodied in its imperfection because there are no straight lines or perfect shape in nature. It exists randomly and obliquely. After we stepped onto this world mankind has been finding all ways to be ‘perfect’, as defined by them. This is nature’s definition of perfection, or perhaps working towards a common goal of being perfect. Why do we have to turn that 180 degrees and make straight lines all over the world? We grasp our pencils and place the rulers on that sheet of paper and zoom the line goes straight and “perfect”.

We connect the dots with straight lines and we draw geometric figures in mathematic and so on.

But maybe we need to adjust our angle of see the world. Actually nature has very little to do with math. Most things in the world cannot and should not be simply viewed scientifically. Things were, are and will never be judge to be right or wrong. We live in a wonderful world but we are probably making a hash of it. Nature has given us beauty in everything we see and for no good reason – nature or unknown forces could have made the world ugly but it has not and almost illogically has given us wonderfully coloured flowers, incredible animals and sunsets to die for. Lawrence saw man as kind of a mad animal like many painters saw the industrial revolution as a disaster.

Next time we encounter a fruit, we should not only eat it for nutrients, but also soak in its incomparable beauty endowed by nature.

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