An Analysis of the Character of Codi in the Novel, Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver

All throughout Codi’s life she has never fit in. Most of this is due to being raised by the very peculiar man, Doc Homer, who is her dad. Codi had to wear very strange things, like special orthopedic shoes, as well as do other things that resulted in her getting picked on. But now that Codi has grown up and moved back to her hometown she is treated very nicely by all the ex-cheerleaders and ex-football players. This is because Codi got out in the world and found her own personality.

Loyd, one of these people said to her, But still, I could have been a lot nicer. We went out those couple of times, and then so long sucker? (Pg. 132). This shows how Loyd used to be mean to her but now he actually seems to love her. Even during her new life at her old hometown, she does not feel like she fits in. This is why she needs to have someone to be with, even if she does not love them.

This is what she did with Carlo, they were not in love, but they had sex all the time. She did not fit in all throughout her life so she needed Carlo to be with her.

This is how she is with Loyd in the present. She is very lonely living all by herself in her little home, and she sees everyone but does not know them. This makes her lonely, so she wants to be with Loyd to make her feel better.

The problem with this is she feels like she is falling in love with Loyd. This becomes a problem because she only wants to stay teaching in the little town for one year. She does not want to fall in love with him only to have to leave him just one year later. She does have a special connection with him, and they already had a baby together even though it died. This makes them have a special connection and makes them seem to be falling in love together. Codi tries to tell Lyod as much as possible that they can not fall in love together, but this just makes him angry. It can be seen that he loves her, and wants to be with her the rest of his life.

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