Basic Research Methods and Statistical Concepts

Research Area

My main area of research will be in the analysis of the performance of the various features of business organizations in a selected area. This entails the use of data from the field to produce results and consequently, carry out analysis on the same to make conclusions and recommendations.

In this area of study, SPSS will be highly applicable in the analysis of the quantitative data collected from the sample. This software helps in reducing the time spent in the analysis of the data and presents the data in a clear and precise manner. It also forms the basis of qualitative analysis since it is from the graphical representation that the quality of a given phenomenon can be ascertained. This research test will be aimed at determining the various case scenarios and therefore, form a clear rationale in judging the profitability of the business or the sample space. It is, therefore, important to note that the variables which are to be significant in this research have to be well defined and entered in the data set of the SPSS before analysis (Douglas, 2007).

From the above research area, the hypothesis statement could be,

Null hypothesis: The firm is not performing well as expected.

Alternative hypothesis: The firm is performing well as expected.

The following is some of the possible variables, which can be used in the research study

  1. Name
  2. Number of departments
  3. Type of the business
  4. Products
  5. Level of business
  6. Number of clients
  7. Expenses
  8. Income
  9. No of employees
  10. Expansion
  11. Presence of competitors

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Exploratory analysis

Exploratory data analysis is the process done to the data collected before any other analysis is done. This is the exploration of the data gathered and entails processes such as descriptive studies comprising of computation of medians, mode, mean, and frequencies among others. This first step is normally interested in the establishment of the normality of the databasing on the assumptions made while collecting and recording data.

This forms the basis for the rationale of carrying out other studies such as parametric analysis. The exploratory analysis also helps in the establishment of various characteristics of the data such as symmetry, skew and scatter of the data. Further, the analysis helps in determining whether the data portray a normal distribution or not and thus forms a basis for deciding either to use parametric or non-parametric techniques to analyze data.

It is evident, therefore, that exploratory analysis is very significant, and hence it is important to perform it before the actual analysis to establish trends and correct errors. The main reason for exploratory analysis is to prepare data for subsequent analysis.


Douglas, J. (2007). Basic Research Methods and Statistical Concepts. New York: McGraw-Hill.

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