Becoming a Leader: Exceptional Leader Qualities

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Looking at prominent leaders that exist in this world, one might not notice that all of them differ from each other in regard to their characteristics and strategies. However, it is apparent that not any head of a company can achieve success. Therefore, there must be certain aspects of a leader’s character that lead to good results. This report aims to determine what these qualities are. The paper will describe the reason behind this study, the methods that were used during it, the results it yielded, and their implications in the real world.


In order to determine what qualities a leader ought to have, the heads of two organizations were questioned. The first interview was conducted with the manager at a business enterprise selling automotive components and focused on the concept of resilience that helps an individual keep a high rhythm during work (Cashman, 2017). The second person to be questioned was the head of a small company with the conversation having an emphasis on coaching one’s subordinates, which can significantly improve their performance (Heathfield, 2019). These individuals were chosen due to the fact that they have both publically discussed their strategies. They were asked to participate in the study and they both agreed to have their words used in the paper. The interviews were conducted at their respective companies during working hours and focused on both getting straightforward answers and looking for subtle clues on the two leaders’ true opinions on the matter. The answers were then analyzed regarding the qualities one should have to be a successful head of an organization.


The first interview yielded results that showed that while it is essential for employees to be happy in their workplace, it is a leader’s job to make tough decisions that can upset their subordinates. These choices help “shape the organization’s decision-making culture over time,” which can improve the overall performance (Carucci, 2018, para. 14). This correlation was acknowledged by the interviewee as they felt like the decisions that were not always welcomed by their employees typically led to good results.

The second head of the company maintained that it is essential for a leader to coach their subordinates. The interviewee reported that new employees would go through extensive training during the first couple of months, after which they were still encouraged to discuss their opinion on particular assignments with their boss. This practice has ensured the highest quality of work from everyone at the company.


This research found that resilience and an aptitude for caching one’s subordinates were essential qualities for a leader to have in order to be successful. The first quality creates a rhythm of working that ensures that all assignments are finished on time, which helps reach the company’s goals. Coaching employees provides them with skills that will aid them in their job, which will lead to the organization’s success.


It would be interesting to interview individuals with opposite opinions to the ones outlined in this paper. Perhaps, a person can become a successful head if they do not have the attributes mentioned in this report as long as he has some other qualities to make up for it. This could provide some inside into the correlation between different characteristics that make a good leader.


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