Beethoven Concert Hall Design in Bonn

The project design aimed at Beethoven concert hall building was connected with the decision to create one of the world best music building with perfect acoustical and architectural elements. Beethoven concert hall in Bonn is considered to be of top class in accordance with experts’ evaluation of the project. Special stress should be paid to building external and internal designing decisions, making the building be unique and famous in the whole world. It is necessary to underline the fact that the main purpose of the project was to bring Beethoven to modern world through concert hall atmosphere and architectural elements.

Beethoven concert hall is estimated in $110 million and the project is still in the phase of development. The analysis of its design should be based on the description of building architectural planning. The hall is aimed at the audience with 1400 people to visit the concerts. It is performed in a glamorous style with all luxury and perfectness to reflect marvelous atmosphere of music world. The architects working on the projects stressed the significance of Beethoven epoch to be highlighted through all minor details.

Beethoven hall design is performed in light and mild tones combined with luxury colors of wood. One should stress the idea that the hall has combined half-round forms making the whole atmosphere be favorable and marvelous. ‘When the best musicians in the world come to Bonn, the audiences will come too’, runs the formula for creating Beethoven’s small world in Bonn. (Bowen, 2007)

Design elements developed within Beethoven concert hall projects are performed through symbolism characterizing great composer. The building presents the combination of modernity and atmosphere of 19th century, when Beethoven hall was built for the first time. Beethoven hall is a great place for congresses and concerts organization of international format. It has 280 m2 podium providing enough space for huge productions. Besides, adjustable ceiling elements give an opportunity to separate the gallery and hall. The designers paid special attention to the lighting; they managed to create a light atmosphere with perfect acoustic and rich technical equipment.

Architectural design of Beethoven concert hall building meets the standards of composer’s epoch. It has elements of classicism combined with a stone age developed in most countries of that period. It has a look of an ancient building with concepts of modernity. External building design is attractive to the natives and guests of Bonn by its architectural décor. It should be stressed that the lines and shapes used in building construction imitate the look of written music notes, having the same magic half-round parts. Nevertheless, there are some problems connected with transportation access to the building. Beethoven concert hall is located on the river and serves as a symbol of Bonn for tourists and the natives; but during great concerts people feel inconvenience and overcrowdings within concert hall territory.

Taking into account the fact that Beethoven concert hall design is still in the phase of development, all faced problems and inconveniences may be solved by 2011 (planned period of design project completion). Visitors of Beethoven concert hall have an opportunity to admire the atmosphere of outstanding composer’s epoch; the gallery provides a wide range of pictures symbolizing composer’s music and time he lived in. Architect selection process introduced two winners to work on future concepts of concert hall design: Hermann&Valentiny and Zaha Hadid. Their vision on future reconstruction is aimed at developing first class acoustics and architecture symbolizing the world of orchestral music. (A New Cultural Highlight. 2009)


A New Cultural Highlight. (2009). Web.

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