Biblical worldview – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Romans talks about people who worship the creations, not the creator. Stating that God is the creator of the universe. Romans also states that creation reflects God’s glory and yet human beings have a tendency to take matters into our own hands. Though Romans tells us that God created the universe and that he is worthy to be worshiped because of it, we humans still worship other things and deny Him what He is due. When it comes to human nature Romans show us how we are all sinful. Instead of being thankful for what the Lord has done for us and worshiping him, we are sinful and corrupt. Paul lays out a large number of sinners we as humans can be. Romans goes on to say that those that know it is wrong and yet continue to do it and also find pleasure in it, deserve death. Knowing the origins of life and about human nature is a vital part of a Biblical worldview. Without knowing where we came from we would not care much about where we are going. Knowing about human nature and how sinful we are, shows us how in need of a savior we are.

Romans have a few things to say about sin and the problem of evil. Evil entered God’s creation through Satan. When Adem and Eve sinned they were convinced by the serpent to do it. It was still their choice but the Serpent was evil in a place filled with good. The origin story of sin starts in the garden with Adam and Eve. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of good and evil they opened the door for all sin to be in the world. From then on sin has become greater and more frequent. What we deserve for our sin is death. We deserve the wrath of God. God should take a count of every evil we do and place His wrath upon us for it. We deserve the worst possible punishment for our sin. Biblical worldview requires an understanding of evil and sin and how to resist it.

The solution to the problem of sin that Romans talks about is salvation. Even though we deserve death God is forgiving in his ways toward us. If we only repent from our ways and lean on Him and not ourselves. We will be saved from the punishment we so rightly deserve. Jesus’s nature is the opposite of human nature. He is holy and righteous. He did not sin or fall short of what God asked of him. He came here to save the world. After years of His ministry, teaching us how we should live our everyday lives, He died for our sins. If we believe in Him and turn from our sinful ways, we will be justified in spirit by Jesus Christ. The Lord will lift us up and sanctify us. From that point on we are to sin no more and live an empowered life by the Holy Spirit. Which is the exact point of a Biblical worldview, to live a God-centered life.

When it comes to ethics and morality, we are called to be different. Because we know better we must do better. We must not give in to temptation. The Lord has set us apart and as hard as it can get, we must act like it. Both Romans 1:18-32 and Romans 12:1-15:13 talk about how human beings are corrupt and fall short but 12:1-15:12 talks more about the forgiving nature of God and how we can attain His grace. People with a Biblical worldview are supposed to be more moral people because they follow the teachings of the Bible.

The hope for humanity and creation is that God has plans for us. He wishes for us to live a more perfect life with Him. He wants His children to love and be with Him. Romans teaches that after we die if we believe in God and are saved, we will go and live with God for all of eternity. A Biblical worldview provides us with a kind of guideline to how we can live a better, more God-centered life. Those that do typically have greater hope and joy.

There is so much information in this one book. We are taught the characteristics of God, the origins of the universe, the problem of evil, the solution, ethics, and the hope for not only humanity but also creation. There is also a lot about a Biblical worldview that is not mentioned in the book of Romans. Having said that, Romans is a great place to start.

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