Bigfoot – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

This creature is famous for “Being questionable” because so many people are wondering if it is real or fake. Do you think Bigfoot is somewhere in the forest? If you do or don’t believe in him he might just be unseen and living in your woods! What if a scientist catches this creature everybody has been wondering about? There was a director that traveled trying to get proof of Bigfoot, and there was a unexpected picture on someone’s camera of Bigfoot. What will happen, will all this stuff no one believes in become true? Hopefully he isn’t actually out there.

Bigfoot might have been spotted again by some bison in Yellowstone National Park. There is actually a video on youtube now that Marty Greeley posted. This video shows four big foot prints in the woods. He is a myth to a lot of people but even scientist think he might be real. In the year of 2014 a geneticist named Bryan Sykes did genetic test on hair that has been claimed to be Bigfoots. The study has shown that the hair doesn’t belong to him but belongs to another mammal.

Bigfoot today has been said to be seen in a lot of places. He is in two kids movies called “The son of Bigfoot and then another one is Smallfoot.” The Animal Planet Channel has one called “ Finding Bigfoot.” But there has been bad things said in a lot of states over the movie “Finding Bigfoot.” In June of 2018 someone said that they saw Bigfoot in Florida. If something in the woods falls people think it’s Bigfoot. The year of 1967 two guys filmed a creature with two hairy legs walking, it’s the best evidence of Bigfoot.

People that study Bigfoot witness a compelling a mystery when becoming acquainted with it. Over time people that research Bigfoot meet eyewitness then realize there are alot of sightings of Bigfoot. They came to see that since there are so many witnesses in the land that this creature probably does exist. In the year of 1960 a guy named Dr. Grover Krantz of the Washington State College started to examine photos and more footprints from Washington that might belong to this creature.

There is a film called “Patterson Gimlin” it is another strong piece of evidence of Bigfoot. This film was in a area in Northern California in the year of 1967. There were two guys that took this video named Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. Roger Patterson was a guy that did rodeos from Washington trying to make a informational video about Bigfoot. When he was in California he took a movie camera after hearing about track in Bluff Creek in California. He only took the movie camera to get footage for his video of Bigfoot. Even native tribes in North America have a story about Bigfoot, they called him a giant hairy creature. What the tribes said over the years were very similar to what americans and canadians have been saying for many of years.

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