Child labor – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Why wouldn’t people gather all up and help for a change? They wouldn’t help her because it wasn’t important at all and will think that it will be a waste of time. But besides that some people did help throughout the period of time that she was fighting, and one of the most known was Jane Addams, who also spoke up for the Child’s rights until they brought out a law for children to go to school for 8 hours instead of making them work at a young age. Things weren’t easy at all, Mrs. Kelley had to find enough evidence and to find the correct evidence she had to go to different factories to inspect several times, to see how things were and how safe it was for young children that used to work in there. She wouldn’t stop fighting, she will write books, talk to the government and told the workers to stop working till they feel much better, but she will also lead boycotts towards the consumers of the goods to stop buying things so that children and also ill workers stop working without getting the proper health.

According to Florence Kelley ‘ Ten years ago when we proposed to require that before a child should go out in the world of industry it must first finish a few years’ works in the schools, we used to be bitterly reproach, particularly in the great cities where the schools are in a chronic state of overcrowding, that we were requiring the dull children to fill throughout long years school seats which could be more usefully… filled by talented children…wasting school money…by requiring them to do what nature had incapacitated them for doing.’ (Kelley 161-162). This proves that things had been really difficult for Florence Kelley to begin a change in child’s labor for about more than 10 years, eventually, children aren’t born to be working throughout their young age, and that’s the reason why nature isn’t faring with anyone in the world. The government will only waste money from the factories to have even a greater amount of money and much more factories that will bring them a great amount of money back benefiting themselves with even more much money. They wouldn’t have any time to waste a bit of money from or into schools to make children get a proper education since they can’t get any money back, and this is why they wouldn’t really pay attention to education in Illinois because it wasn’t important at all.

As being reported by Mrs. Florence Kelley “ We do not really value the health of our children or we should not let the little girls just fourteen years of age leave school, turn away forever from all preparation for home life, and go into mills and stores to work as many hours as may suit the convenience of employers who have the children there for the sake of this Republic, certainly not for the sake of the souls of the children.” (Kelley 165). The quote above demonstrates that children’s health care eventually isn’t really being cared in the time period since, the girl’s and young women are being said to follow a housewife rule that they shouldn’t be following at all, which it makes them feel an adult life that they aren’t at a young age. Children shouldn’t be worried about getting the job done correctly at the time they ordered, they originally should be doing as many hours they could do in schools learning and getting real work done. However, there are many turns in lives like them working at a young age avoiding themselves to not enjoy their childhood, or make some friends to hang out and enjoy activities.

Why wouldn’t the government of the United States follow “The Children’s Amendment” that Florence Kelley created, in favor of the children’s benefits in their or probably in the future? Just as the amendment created by Florence Kelley states “ Ten years hence all those who are now eligible for “working papers” will be voters… children have no votes, no organizations, no wisdom drawn from the experience of life” (Kelley 2). This eventually demonstrates that the United States had a fear towards the children since during the ten years many things could go on and including those many things, things could reduce and will not reproduce anything at all, making it refer to the factories that children work on. The government had feared that during or after the ten years children will have their own responsibility to make the right choice and go against them because after all they were forced to work and no to go to school. She also stated that ‘ The people of this country have been striving (some of them for forty years and even longer) to stop, through the laws of the states, all labor of young children; and the deaths, mutilations, diseases, and ignorance that arise from the employment of older boys and girls.’ (Kelley 2). This states that the people in the country including the Supreme Court that will wouldn’t want to fight for the laws, they wouldn’t even care about child’s getting hurt because they don’t want to waste money on them. The only things that they will only waste money and will favor them are to import things or goods in and out of the country or state getting benefits of goods or amounts of money back. The rise of the employment will only be their objective besides having young children working for them. After all the United States wouldn’t follow anything that could harm their economy and make it decrease. They will ignore the significance of children because they know that in the future they will make a change to harm them and their position but also including the laws.

Child Labor should be stopped after all the inspections that were made by the same Florence Kelley having enough evidence to prove it. ‘ The percentage of children to total employees has fallen conspicuously in the brief time during which the law has been in force. In 1893 the percentage was 8.5; in 1894 it was 6.2; in 1895 it is 4.5.’ (Kelley 8). This shows that the employment in children had lowered after making the factory inspection as stated in the Third Annual Report by Florence Kelley. This also states that with real evidence besides words being spoken child labor has a change in not making them work anymore and only making work the “older” people not younger. ‘ In several places, a boy has been found at work at a dangerous machine, because his father has been disabled by it, and keeping the place pending recovery depended upon the boy’s doing the work during the father’s absence’ ( Kelley 11). This states that the factory owners don’t even take their time to check on who goes to work, who doesn’t go or probably who needs an emergency help around since they even have children work around without anyone noticing it or looking after them since they don’t matter that they are younger than adults. This also states that children don’t get paid to work since everything goes to their oldest person meaning adults, and or to the person that got the job first. Even though there was enough evidence to stop child labor in factories, factory owners wouldn’t make a change, not noticing that a small change that they couldn’t do it will make a greater change in their future time. This concludes that the evidence presented above is enough to make a change according to the forced labor on children.

Factories should be closed if they don’t have any security for children working or either have a responsibility for looking towards children while working for them. According to the text “Florence Kelley: Pioneer of Labor Reform” by the author Peter Dreier “ An employer who wanted to hire a child between the ages of fourteen and sixteen had to obtain an affidavit from a parent or guardian certifying his or her age, as well as a doctor’s proof of physical fitness.” (Dreier 73). This shows that a factory that has this law and every employee that will like to work and that it’s also younger than 18 years of age they need and parental consent to work. If the factory doesn’t have anything of this they will be going against the law and will have consequences. “ At one factory, someone fired a warning shot at her. And despite the governor’s support, Kelley also discovered that many government officials, like those in the Cook County District Attorney’s office, were not eager to prosecute employers who violated the state’s factory laws.” ( Dreier 73-74). This evidence states that the workers aren’t following any rules at all even though they are children or inspecting the factory since they ‘…fired a warning shot…’ in front of Florence Kelley not mattering anything at all. But also they are official governments that cover these big things happening on by not saying anything at all and leaving it at the side by violating the laws and factory laws. In the end, factories should be closed since children and nor adults are safe to be working since some workers don’t follow the laws. Children in order to get a job they should get a parent consent, and if a factory has children working and doesn’t have a consent nor a physical proof of a doctor the factory should be closed.

During the long term of the child labor, factory owners started to follow the laws since they knew it was going to affect them in the future when children will not be forced to work having the age enough to decide for themselves. People tried to make a change for more than 10 years but they wouldn’t earn anything at all but, Florence Kelley gathered information along with other allies to stop child labor and had a greater major change.

At the end of all, Florence Kelley didn’t give up at the first try. She emphasizes the work that she created throughout the journey and stopped child labor as soon as she could. Children will now have to go to school the whole 8 hours they used to work instead of learning. And now children could be heard and not put aside as it usually was back in time. Factory owners require their employees to register for a job and if anyone who is younger than 18 they will need to have a parent consent in order to work. Throughout the years’ child labor has been considered as law violence, and it should not be considered at all if anyone will try to do something to any child they are being considered to go against the law and be judged at the courts.

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