Commercial Script of Advertisement for TruQuest

Table of Contents

Scene One

The advertisement’s main character is a young girl as the marketing plan aims to expand the sales of the Quest Kids portion of TruQuest’s product line in China. The advertisement seeks to appeal to the parent market segment who would be interested in buying mouthwash for their children. Dental products are shown to alert the audience to the commercial’s main topic before the TruQuest logo is revealed near the end of the clip. The location (a bathroom) and main prop, a mirror, both remind the audience of the practicalities of dental care.

Scene Two

This scene aims to influence the potential customers of TruQuest by showing them the possibility of their child’s social rejection as a result of bad breath. This scene also communicates to parents that children can be aware of how they are perceived by peers and seek to fit in.

Scene Three

This segment of the advertisement builds on the negative feelings of social rejection displayed in the previous scene. The audience’s attention is drawn to the girl’s mouth by her hands, attempting to force a smile. Her failure to smile supports the emotional weight implied by social rejection. This scene specifically targets parents who naturally feel protective of their children and want them to be happy. The child’s unhappiness sets up the problem that the rest of the advertisement will attempt to solve, culminating in the reveal of Quest Kids’ mouthwash as the solution.

Scene Four

Consequently, after clearly establishing the problem, the mother, or one of the central figures in a child’s life, appears on the screen with the desired solution. Therefore, the product, TruQuest, is instantly being associated with positivity, light, support, affection, compassion, and good-quality relationships. Thus, as the advertising campaign’s primary target audience, parents would perceive the mouthwash from a positive perspective. TruQuest becomes the light at the end of the tunnel in an incredibly stressful situation.

Scene Five

The potential consumers of the product can immediately see the resolution of the issue, which was brought in due to the mouthwash’s presence. The joyful reaction of the child will bring in the emotional response the advertisement seeks to create for the target audience. Thus, based on the Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) approach, focusing on the topic of family values becomes the central aim of the commercial. Overall, the method is influential because families are the central segment of the campaign.

Scene Six

The information on the screen includes the name of the product, the purpose of the good, and the fact that Australian and South Pacific markets have already picked TruQuest as the mouthwash of their choice. Explicitly presenting data about TruQuest becomes an important aspect of the marketing strategy. Literature suggests that mothers are best targeted when advertisements are straightforward, as it develops a sense of trust (Holiday et al., 2020). Overall, the commercial’s message that targets family values and its clarity is the campaign’s core strengths.


Holiday, S., Densley, R. L., & Norman, M. S. (2020). Influencer marketing between mothers: The impact of disclosure and visual brand promotion. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising, 2-22. Web.

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