Communication Studies: Examples of preface

A poem was chosen to portray this piece because readers seem to be more appreciative of poems. This genre allowed the opportunity to create the perfect setting in which a young girl is enticed into prostitution. I was inspired to do this piece because I wanted to help some of my friends and hope that this genre of the poem will reach them. The intended audience is adolescent girls as they are at high risk of being lured into this practice via media influences that make it seem ‘acceptable’ to indulge in vulgar behaviour and promiscuous acts.

An appropriate place for this reflective piece would be in a school newspaper/class notice board, as well as in a school library for easy accessibility. This piece was written in an attempt to sensitize the public of this ever growing epidemic among the young girls of the Caribbean.

Example B

A dialogue was chosen for this reflective piece because it was the most effective genre to express my thought and feelings about the topic of discussion.

It gave the opportunity for my ideas to flow freely. This piece entitled “Last Resort” discusses one prostitute’s situation and the reasons for her current lifestyle. A dialogue was also chosen to portray this piece as I wished to present at real life scenario that one can easily relate to and understand. The intended audience for this piece is young girls, particularly in their teenage years as they are most susceptible to becoming prostitutes due to poverty and sexual abuse at home.

The best place for this piece would be in a teen magazine or newspaper, posted on notice boards at various schools and in the public libraries for wide accessibility. “Last Resort” intends to sensitize young females in the Caribbean in a dramatic way on the circumstances that may lead to prostitution in an attempt to avoid this lifestyle as much as possible , and hopefully lead to action where precautionary measures may be taken into curb this prevalence.

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