Comparison and Contrast of Two Famous Architects

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The United States has given the world various famous and talented architects, including Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry. Wright was born a few years after the Civil War in the United States in 1867 (Wilkinson 39). Wright’s approach to architecture includes the strong influence of nature, as he envisioned buildings to be the continuation of the natural habitat surrounding them. He has been regarded as one of the most influential American architects, as he designed over a thousand structures, half of which were successfully built (Wilkinson 39). Another well-known architect Frank Gehry was born in Canada in 1921 and later immigrated to the United States in 1947 (Eng 47). Gehry’s vision of architecture is closely related to postmodernism, as it has largely influenced his work (Eng 47). Overall, to spot differences and similarities between two famous American architects, it is necessary to establish their significance, analyze their work, and consider the opinion of the public and my personal.

Architects’ Significance

Both architects have demonstrated a significant contribution to the field of building design. Wright’s work echoed the shapes and patterns found in nature, which merged him with the Prairie style (Wilkinson 39). For instance, in the picture of Wright’s famous building called Fallingwater, the natural waterfall is being connected to the building’s design (Nowitz). Overall, Wright’s style and vision are regarded to have a considerable influence on the building design, making him “the most consequential American architect of the 20th century” (Wilkinson 38). Furthermore, Frank Gehry has designed different famous buildings, such as the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris (Eng 47). On the picture of his internationally famous Dancing House built in the Czech Republic, the irregularly shaped building is merged with the traditionally designed building, embracing the post-modernistic approach (Nikada). Overall, Frank Gehry’s influence on architecture has granted him the role of “one of the world’s leading architects” (Eng 47). All in all, Wright and Gehry had both been significant within the field of building design.

Differences and Similarities between the Two

Despite both being called Frank, there are significant differences between the two creators. Frank Wright is finding his inspiration from the Earth, as he is using similar colors that are found in nature like green or brown. Based on the image of Wright’s design, it evolves around straight lines and basic shapes, making his design symmetrical (Nowitz). On the other hand, Gehry is famous for using vibrant colors, such as bright blue or silver. Moreover, the Dancing house’s picture represents his love for curvatures and non-standard shapes in his work (Nikada). Therefore, the main difference between both Franks’ designs is in their approach to shapes and colors, as Wright is accessing design from the balanced perspective, and Gehry is from the non-standard. The main similarities between the two are in the impact that they had on their styles of architecture, as Wright had influenced the Prairie style and Gehry postmodernism. Thus, both Franks had been similarly significant in terms of building design, yet the approaches they use are drastically different.

Public and personal opinion

The president of the American Institute had described Wright’s impact on design as the one that can be traced through everything surrounding Americans (Wilkinson 38). For instance, the “buildings that emphasize open floor plans featuring large glass picture windows pulling in natural light and fronting views of the outdoors; fireplaces anchoring common areas where families gather…” (Wilkinson 38). Thus, his works were so welcomed by the general public that his design solutions became commonly implemented. However, some journalists describe him as too egocentric and insensitive, as he could not take any criticism (Wilkinson 41). Nonetheless, some of the closest people to Wright have described him as a much softer person than he appeared to the public (Wilkinson 39). Moreover, Frank Gehry was perceived exceptionally well by the general public, making his work valuable in various countries. Furthermore, famous companies like Disney and Louis Vuitton chose Gehry to represent their vision due to the general trust of the public and exceptional talent (Goldberger 113). I appreciate both of the creators, as they are both influential in their unique ways.


To summarize, the United States produced various successful building designers, including famous Frank Lloyd Wright and Frank Gehry. Both of the creators had their unique approach and vision, which led them to success. Wright has used nature as inspiration for his creativity, which incorporated simple shapes and symmetry. Gehry, on the other hand, wanted to change the monotonous design of modern buildings; therefore, he took a postmodern approach by using non-standard shapes. Wright’s buildings include Earthly tones and simplicity, whereas Gehry is using more vibrant colors and original curvy shapes of the walls. Overall, both of the architects are important to the history of design. Wrights design is being implemented by the general public while designing houses. Gehry’s design found its place in the hearts of the international audience and the major companies around the globe.

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