Computer Literacy: Information Systems Education

With the proliferation in technology, information systems education has become an integral part of any education system. Computer literacy which forms the core of information systems education is important at all levels. Whether specializing in an information related field or not, basic knowledge of information technology is significant.


In the 21st century learning across all fields has transformed. Unlike previous learning processes which entirely included attending classes and researching from the library, the start of information technology has entirely changed this. Most academicians are currently doing their researches online. Thus, without the basic knowledge of how the information systems work it would be difficult if not impossible for one to access these data banks.

More over, learning especially at much higher levels has also experienced a makeover. In this information age, it is possible for learning to take place with the student being in a different continent from the tutor. This is what has been fondly referred to as distant learning. Lectures and assignments are administered through information systems enabled technology.

However, apart from the general knowledge of information systems held by all development minded professionals, much is anticipated of those willing to pursue information systems as a career. More often than not, information systems professionals have been described as geeks and disorganized.

Nevertheless for anyone to prosper in any profession, some character traits should be possessed or at the least adopted. The Information systems field requires keen attention to detail. At the least all information systems professionals or aspiring professionals should ensure that they possess this value. Most organizations have since moved from paper work to the all much efficient information systems. Thus a simple careless mistake, would distort everything, losing all the important information of the company.

While some argue that a career in the information system would befit everyone, Mohanan (2005, 3) states otherwise. The intelligence level of information systems experts is expected to be very high. This is considering the pertinent intricacies of the field which not every common man would easily grasp. A passion for technology is also very important. Without a passion for your work, one cannot be expected to succeed. Considering the long hours that sometimes have to be put in, while constructing an information system be it the customer database or an online purchasing system, information system experts’ should be up to this challenge.

With the migration from paper world to the information world, embracing information systems education is advisable for all education systems. The most enticing phenomenon about the information technology field is that, it provides room for self employment especially in this era of massive unemployment (Wetfeet 2003 75) An e-commerce professional does not need to search for a white collar job. Much more they can operate from the comfort of their houses provided they have a reliable network.


In conclusion the information systems education has come in handy in the 21st century. The crime and insecurity problems caused by unemployment can be reduced if most of our youth were introduced into this information system technology. Most of the world problems can now comfortably find a solution in information technology. Companies can efficiently create their customer database ensuring that quality services are delivered to the customer’s satisfaction. This in turn provides a very important tool to lock in the existing customers as well as attract others. This trend is not only important for businesses but all operating organizations.


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Wetfeet, 2003. The Wetfeet Insider Guide to Careers in Information Technology. New York: Wetfeet Publishers.

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