DECLIC Business Shirts for Style and Craftmanship

When it comes to a man’s style, quality should not be skimped. There are a lot of beautiful clothes on the market that set men aside from one another, and DECLIC is one of those brands. Over the past 25 years, Gilles Du Puy, founder and designer of DECLIC, has been a strong influence on Australian fashion for men. The clothing line of DECLIC is stylish with a personality that truly makes the man stand out from the crown. DECLIC is not only offered in stores throughout the UK, the clothing line is now offered online to the world and one definitely for men to stand up and take notice of.

DECLIC takes traditional classics and transforms them into a new take with beautiful colors, quirky details and punchy and graphic prints and always and produces finely crafted workmanship made with exceptional quality.

There have always been trends in men’s clothing, and the new take on classics is definitely not a trend, but one that DECLIC has captured and has been molding the market with for over 25 years.

His line is exquisite and the colors used in the men’s clothing are truly magnificent. Just as women, men have fashion crimes to avoid and DECLIC will take that nightmare and put it in the past.

DECLIC has all types of clothing and accessories. In fact, their ties are a collection of luxury ties that bring uniqueness and quality to the market. The ties are designed reminiscent of the Japanese art form of origami, as they are a pairing of pleats and folds with a subtle textural effect and hand made, truly showing what an exceptional work of art, each tie is.

DECLIC clothing and accessories are statements. For the man that is interested in a truly sophisticated look, DECLIC is the clothing line for the man. Aside from the ties DECLIC offers a range of exceptional shirts, ties, cufflinks socks and accessories such as boxers, hankies and wallets.

DECLIC shirts are collared shirts that come in both formal, business shirts, and casual wear, and both are outstanding in men’s fashions. One impressive feature of the shirts is not only the material, but the vivid colors that you typically do not find in men’s clothing. The shirts are not only designed for style, they are designed for comfort and the man will find a truly comfortable wear. DECLIC’s line of shirts comes in tailored fit, slim fit, city fit, and classic fit, all enhancing the man’s appearance.

DECLIC’s cufflinks are also an accessory that the man will be very attracted to. Cufflinks are one of the hardest accessories to please the man and DECLIC line has something for every man, from British Cars, to gems, to guns, there are truly some fantastic cufflinks for a man to choose among.

For the man, that is dressing to impress then DECLIC men’s clothing is definitely a line that they will want in their wardrobe. The clothing is top notch and does make a statement, which says a lot about the man.

DECLIC has been established since 1986 and is renowned for its unique blend of finely crafted workmanship with inspired styling and excellent attention to detail, for the finest visit declic and buy a .

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