Diploma 5 health and social care

If any of your personal information changes you must report them to your employer. Some examples of this may be if you move house and your address changes also if you get married and change your name or you change your name for any other reason then you must inform your employer so that the information they have is current and up to date. 3. The procedure that a staff member would follow if they wished to raise a grievance within the work place would be, firstly we have a lady within the company who deals with all grievance’s so you would take your issue to her and grapevines policy states that all concerns must be acknowledged within the first 48 hours it then must be investigated within 5 days and then you will receive a letter within 7 days of the outcome or next steps if appropriate.

It also then states that the investigation must be fully concluded within 28 days of the first day the grievance was reported.

If you are then unhappy with the outcome then you may appeal the decision within a 7 day period the appeal will then take place with a different manager and their decision at appeal is final with no further right to appeal. 4. The agreed ways of working with my employer around the following topics are as follows Data protection – states that all personal information for service users should be kept securely within the home but the service users should have the right to access any of their personal information at any time.

Service users must also be protected when passing through any electronical devices in which refer to the service users through their initials rather than full name.

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Staff personal files must be kept securely within the building and locked away in a cupboard that only the management team have access to. Also any computers that are used for work must be password protected. Grievance that a service user may have- if a service user wishes to make a complaint they can ask a staff member or someone they trust to support them to write an account of what they are making a compliant about they would then give it to the manager or a senior member of the team if they wish to. The home manager would then involve an advocate or social worker if appropriate it would then be dealt with and the service user would then be informed where needed of the outcome.

Conflict management- if there is any conflict within the team the manager would hold a meeting with all members involved separately to gather statements of the on goings. They would then try to hold a meeting with all parties together and act as a mediator between them to try to resolve matters informally. If the issues cannot be resolved it would then go to the lady who deals with grievances in which she would contact mentor who would give appropriate advice on actions to take. They could expect the outcome to be heard within 7 days. Anti-discriminatory practice- not to discriminate against anyone, weather this be race, religion, sexuality, gender, transgender, age, disability, ability, we follow and adhere to the equality act 2010 and treat each person as an individual in their own right.

Health and safety- to undertake training in manual handling, food hygiene, first aid, coshh, to be aware of your own health and safety, to report any health and safety matters to the manager, to report and remove anything that may be of any danger, to look out for health and safety of the service users we support. Whistleblowing- you can report any matters of concern internally and externally and you can keep your complaint confidential, you have the right to be protected where reasonably possible. Confidentiality- any information about any of the service users should be kept confidential unless it’s in their best interest or safety to disclose information. All staffing information should be kept confidential for example things like supervisions and appraisals.

5. My role contributes to the overall delivery of the service as I manage the day to day running of the service and strive to deliver the best service possible this means that starting from recruiting staff to assuring quality within the service. My job consists of making sure that any new recruits within the team go through the robust recruitment process we have in place, I also monitor the training of the staff making sure all training is up to date and they have all relevant training that they require to be able to carry out their roles. I also supervise the staff and monitor the quality of the service being received. However the upmost importance of my role is to ensure that the highest quality of care is delivered to the individuals we support making sure that their needs are being met. I also write, review and update care plans and risk assessments where needed working together with the individuals we support. I also audit different areas of the service including health and safety, medication and parent and client surveys.

I also spend time liaising with other professionals this may be social workers, GP’s, community nurses, CLDT. So overall my role contributes to keeping a smooth running of the service making sure a good quality of care is received. 6. A) By following best practice within my role I can influence the quality of the service. I do this by making sure I keep myself up to date with current legislation and training that we are required to adhere to. My role is about setting an example and being a role model for the staff team I manage. By following best practice this helps to keep staff motivated and also means this helps to build good, healthy and professional relationships and trust within the staff team and the individuals we support. By following best practice you are more likely to deliver a high level of care that is expected which means this lays down a good reputation for the company, a well-supported and confident staff team, happy clients and a generally well managed and organized service.

B) By not carrying out the requirements that are expected in my job role can suggest that this could lead to bad practice and minimum quality. It is also likely that there will be a low morale within the staff team which will lead to a low quality care service being provided. The individuals we support rely on us to support them with their needs and with a poor service being received they will have a lack of trust within the team this could then lead to unsettled behaviors and a lack of stability. It could also affect the company as a whole as the reputation of the company could go down which could result in financial difficulties.

7. Your own practice must be influenced by national factors so that all legislation and rights and regulations are followed. Documents such as occupational standards state that the person must have the correct skills and qualifications to be able to carry out their job role; they must have a full and detailed job description which states what is expected of them. Codes of practice are set out for employer’s responsibilities in the regulation of social care workers.

The codes of practice for social care workers are a list of statements that describe the standards of professional conduct required as they go about their daily work. By following these it reflects good practice. Your work must be influenced by legislation and government initiatives as these are laws that we are expected to follow to protect the people we support and also ourselves. We are accountable for our actions so we need to make sure we are skilled for the job to prevent bad practice. 8. Representative bodies that influence my area of work are CQC and the health and safety executive. 9. CQC- The care quality commission’s job is to make sure that all care provided by hospitals, dentists, ambulances, care homes and services in peoples own homes and elsewhere meets national standards of quality and safety. The health and safety executive oversees all aspects of health and safety including environmental health, RIDDOR, COSHH. 10. Three aspects of employment covered by law are

Employment law
Disability discrimination act
Human rights act
11. Three main features of current employment legislation are To protect the employer and the employee To ensure fair and equal rights, such as abiding by working hours, holidays, maternity rights. The right to a contract of terms and conditions 12. Employment law exists to give protection to both the employer and employee. To ensure that both parties have fair and equal rights. If employment laws didn’t exist you could face bullying and discrimination and you could be sacked at any time for no reason. 13. Sources of information available in relation to employment responsibilities and rights are the contract you have with your employer, staff handbooks, independent unions and citizen’s advice.

Winterbourne view is a serious case where by adults with learning disabilities were seriously abused physically and mentally. The abuse consisted of victims being showered in the cold, having mouthwash poured into their eyes, dragged around on the floor, slapped and kicked and restrained under chairs. They were also forced to take their medication as they were pinned down by the staff members. These individuals were tortured and even after the abuse being reported by a nurse who worked within the home the abuse still went un-noticed by the regulator CQC. The public concern was that CQC failed to investigate the case despite being informed of some of the abuse that was being taken place within winterbourne view.

The other concerns were that the affect that this case has had on the families themselves who had their children or other family members being taken care of by the so called carers that had been abusing these individuals. The families felt guilty for not recognizing the abuse and being able to do nothing about it. The public lost faith, trust and respect for CQC in this case for failing to investigate the abuse in depth. The families are now speaking out demanding this should not ever happen again. CQC have now said that they have more people and better systems of working that make them stronger they say that they have recruited 229 extra inspectors so that they can check more services more frequently. They are also doing more unannounced inspections on care services.

They now have a specialist team in place that deals with whistleblowing to ensure each case is tracked and chased up. This case has now bought to the attention of pretty much everyone as in carers, CQC, families, the general public and people in care themselves that this sort of abuse does actually happen and it has helped to make people recognize signs of abuse it has raised a greater awareness of abuse throughout society. Since the case happening CQC have changed their systems and have taken and investigated hundreds of calls from whistleblowers. It has also made other care providers take a look at their own work force meaning that carers have now been put through more courses and making sure they know the systems of working about reporting abuse. People now have more confidence to speak out as they have seen the effects the abuse has caused for many people.

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