Distracted driving essay samples

In the year 2013, the state of Florida passed a law indicating that texting and driving is now forbidden. Even though this law was passed, this law states that in order to get in trouble for this offense you must have 2 warnings, and some civilians questioned themselves and ask, “how effective this law really is.” Some civilians feared that teens will not be open minded to this law. In addition, this may lead to some civilians living in fear of others breaking the law, resulting in an accident, and having innocent people lose their lives over a simple text message that could have waited. The problem is some locals want to create a more improved exceeding, and stronger law, which is understandable but Florida is doing the best they can do at the moment to help prevent texting and driving.

Florida is one out of 41 states that has added a law that officially declared that in their state it is prohibited to text while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Florida and 41 other states have acted in improving their state, by prevailing in having fewer accidents in the state of Florida. Therefore, allowing this sunny sunshine state to have highways with drivers that will not cause harm to their surroundings. I agree with citizens wanting to have a much stronger law, but Florida is also in the process of accomplishing this wish for residents. My feelings are mutual or much stronger in having this law or even having a much effective law. I personally think that officially declaring a law against texting and driving is much more exceptional than not having a law at all.

In conclusion, there were multiple cases where we can prove that the use of phones during driving should be more emphasized and we should be more careful on the road, if the state of Florida and many other states could just be stricter on the law, then everything should be fine. Think about it before taking the wheel, if you text while driving, it’s either harming you or someone else.

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