Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction

This essay is not just talking about drugs, but addictions of all kinds. When I always saw or heard the word ‘addiction’ I automatically think of people who abuse drugs. I never thought of myself or my friends as having an addiction. It made me realize that I had an addiction to iced coffee, listening to music and naps. I often feel like I can’t make it through the day if I don’t listen to music, take a small nap, or even when I have a day full of classes I feel like I won’t make it through the entirety of the classes without iced coffee.

Many of my friends have the same addiction, we just never thought of it as an addiction. We always thought it was just the things we often wanted. Now that I’ve read the essay I strongly agree with Slater, American’s truly have addictive personalities.

In this essay Slater is conveying that American’s aren’t ‘ignorant, misguided, inadequate, incompentent and undesirable’ or any other negative attribute, but are meant to believe that of ourselves when we don’t achieve a certain level of success.

As Slater stated in the essay, American’s love a quick fix. American’s look for immediate solutions rather than thinking about every possible solution. As long as the solution involves the problem being fixed and quickly and brings the most money then, American’s are satisfied. People have always avoided their problems and try to numb the feeling of failure with alcohol, drugs or any other way instead of solving their problems head on.

For example, I have a friend that takes naps whenever she has a problem. She feels that when she’s asleep nothing can bother her and when she wakes up she can handle the situation better. Another example is that people in my generation are not able to live without the internet. People have become so dependent on the internet that we can’t do simple tasks and make it through the day without using the internet at least once. Most people would be completely lost if the internet stopped working right now. People wouldn’t know how to read maps to get through unfamiliar areas, remembering phone numbers, etc. I think people would be lost at first but eventually figure out how to get through life without the internet, just like we made it a part of our everyday lives.

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