Education as a Foundation of Modern Civilization

At first, it is a good idea if we define and understand the culture. Culture is “The distinctive ideas, customs, social behavior, products, or way of life of particular nation, society, people, or period” (Simpson). Today, technological developments greatly underscore the importance of education. Societies now see education as precedence for success in the world.

Therefore, we must stop for this point and start thinking how the education has this important role to increase the stages of the development today. The development of education and scientific research ensures the prevention of civilization reverting backwards.

As a result, countries today are emphEducation as a Foundation of Modern Civilizationasizing education at all levels in a bid to ensure their own culture, values and resources are protected. Therefore, education in our contemporary world is the foundation of modern civilization.

Educating a nation helps in the development and advancement of a country, as seen in many developed countries such as Japan and the United States.

For example, Japan’s focus on science has helped it to advance economically in the modern world. Before World War II, Japan was one of the more advanced countries in the world. However, all the developments in Japan were destroyed by the United Sates bombing of Hiroshima on August 6,1945. After the war, Japan began its revolution of science and reconstruction. The Japanese government focused on education as part of its reconstruction strategy and changed their studying system to an American model. Hence, the start of co-education in Japanese public schools.

With these new changes in the education system, the country advanced in many areas such as the economic, military and education sectors. Today, Japan is one of the most technologically developed countries in the world. While their main first language is Japanese we see nowadays that there is a lot of Japanese are able to speak English that is could be hard for most of them. The accent of English is very different from the accent in Japanese. However, when the education first releases their report of English proficiency in the world, Japan was the number 14 out of 44 countries in this list. This is how the systems of the education developed in japan.

This is also helps economics. The merchants, the doctors, Broadcasters all have to know English. Many countries such as China, Korea and Germany have followed in the same steps as Japan, and their achievements have received worldwide praise.

Likewise, the United States has made significant strides in economic developments largely due to its good education system. After receiving a scholarship from my government after I graduated from the high school in Kuwait, I moved to the United States in 2012. I was accepted at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) where I am studying for a bachelor’s degree in engineering. From my personal experience as a student at CSUN, I was able to compare the teaching skills of the professors at CSUN and from my own country. I am not surprised that the United States is the most developed and the most powerful country in the world in all sectors. It is no wonder that American colleges and universities are extremely popular with international students. Having studied in Kuwait for twelve years, I am able to compare both education systems. I can effectively say that Kuwait has a poor education system. The lack of a good education system has negatively contributed to the growth of the country; in fact, the citizens of Kuwait have not noticed much development in the nation for many years. The universities in Kuwait are not a big part of education. There is only one public university in the whole country and a few private universities. As there is only one public university, enrollment always fills up quickly. Therefore, many students do not get the opportunity to take part in higher learning. In fact, that is why majority of the working population in Kuwait have foreign university degrees. Comparing with the situation in japan and how they are suffering in learning English, Kuwait in this point is better but this does not help this country to be on the way of follow up the advanced countries. The lack of a good education is the main reason why Kuwait has lagged behind other developed countries.

Education and technology have a very close relationship. If not for education, we would not be living in a technological world today where the Internet and technological advances in communication have made our lives easier. Today, countries around the world realize the importance of education and the effect of education in their society. Therefore, we see that the educational systems in the world are improving in astounding ways.

Countries that intend to develop economically must acknowledge the importance of education. It is the right path to follow in order to get that shining reputation among the other advanced countries. Meanwhile, to ensure the protection of the countries’ values and their own culture. A country’s education system should focus on science in order to cultivate citizens who can contribute effectively and lead a country that will be successful economically and technologically in the future. . While the civilization backwardness is the first problems that the societies will face without the education, it is important to have that plan of the development for this sector in community. Undoubtedly, education is the key that opens all doors to success in a country’s economic, military and education sectors. By simply increasing the power of education increases technological advances in today’s contemporary world. Each country must have this sense of being educated which will lead their society to have a positive thinking in order to build a develop country in the future. Therefore, I believe that education is the only way to cultivate success in both countries and in its people. 

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