Encryption: Corporate Security Technological Solution

Encryption refers to a system that programs a plain readable text into a non-readable status for security purposes. The sender uses an encryption system to send the data, such that the receiver will have to use a key to retrieve the data to a readable form again. The major use of encryption started with the beginning of using internet as a means of communications (Leja, et al, 2007). Before this era of internet communication, it was very hard for people to make use of encryption system, only people in military who made use of it. Today, the use of encryption is all over due to the sensitivity of some actions like online marketing, banking, hospitals and other confidential services offered globally. This essay paper will be focusing on the benefits and shortcomings of using this system in solving corporate security problems. The impacts of the system to organizations are also discussed and the evolution of its practices from the old ones to the current ones.

According to some research done by technological specialists, approximately 48% of the companies use encryption to transmit sensitive data from one point to another. About 31% of the companies use encryption system in their computer systems to ensure nobody can access the data, and about 25% who applies the usage of encryption on the back up files that they store in case the computer system collapses. The major shortcoming of this system is that, the user cannot use it for the data in transmission and at the same time for the stored data (Segev, Porra, & Roldan, 1998). For this system to serve in both cases it requires more technicality, continued implementation, regular checkups, that would in return use much resources both financially and physically. The implementation of the encryption process is complex and very costly, hence most of the companies fail to implement. Many companies as well fear losing the data during or after implementation, which may result to a great loss in the company. If implementation of this system is not well planned and organized well, the company may end up counting some losses.

The working of encryption system advances as the technology develops. Any company using this system would be required to acquire deep technological knowledge as it would advance regularly with other software and hardware. As the company develops, the cost as well increases due to the need for replacements. Another challenge that companies face when they are making decisions of using encryption system is about choosing the best system for their tasks (Rendleman, 2001). This system is found in many forms and in different qualities. It has been hard for any person to decide which software to fit in the activities that are available in the company.

The usage of encryption system started as early as 1990s, and has evolved in several processes. In the beginning, this system was working with many challenges that then were solved as time passed. Most of the technologists, considered the use of this system as a bother than an enhancing feature. The usage of this system at the beginning required much training, and contained many technical challenges to the users (Clark, 2007). One of the major problems associated with this system at the beginning was that, this system could not allow the network diagnostic tools to go through and scrutinize the overall traffic flows.

During this period, some other security systems that proved to be more competent than encryption system emerged, and most of people preferred using them. Some of these security systems like firewalls came up and they did not require complex installation processes like encryption, and that is why many people preferred them. As time passed the components of encryption advanced, and it emerged again in the market with reduced complexities.

Despite the above-discussed shortcomings of encryption system, it has its benefits to the company users. Currently, there are increased cases of internet fraud all over, whereby some people have become experts of hacking the information through internet. Through hackers, some companies have lost large amount of money, by hackers obtaining the most sensitive secret of the company. To some extent, companies have tried to escape from that risk by encryption system. Some organizations have confessed to store their data secretly for so many years by the use of encryption system (Rendleman, 2001). There is sense and special feeling of security among the employees, managers, and the entire organization when they are assured that their personal and confidential data is transferred safely.

Some companies implement the use of encryption system, as a requirement of the law, whereby there is need by the government for the different companies to protect the information concerning their customers (Clark, 2007). The application of the encryption systems has enabled many companies to maintain their brands and a good reputation as well. This is possible through taking good care of the customer’s information as it is in their contracts. It is a bad image of a company to regularly informing its stakeholders of the data breaches, this is a show of an irresponsible management, and the company may end up losing customers and hence making losses.

This encryption system has also played a great role in government agencies especially in military forces. In some of these public sectors, the use of encryption is not necessarily, for transmitting classified data as it was the case in past, but currently these big sectors are using it to transfer personal data through their websites. Most of the government sectors use this system to file taxes, as well as asking for information, because it has proved to be an effective method and very reliable. When a company decides to transmit personal data through this system, there is an assurance that the right person will receive the information (Leja, et al, 2007). If the transferred data lands on the wrong person, it will be hard for him to encode the information. Some companies receive sensitive and confidential information from their clients like the hospitals. By this system, the patients gain some confidence and trust to their serving organization that their information is preserved in a confidential manner.

In one way or another companies may consider the shortcomings of encryption system, but its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Consider a healthy facility where after patients reveal their illnesses, they later realize that everyone knows their conditions. This would result to such an organization losing its clients. Everyone feels safe when his or her personal data is treated with much confidence as possible. Some sense of security and confidence is created within the organization when its top secrets remain confidential (Clark, 2007). Ignoring the use of security system like encryption may cost an organization many resources. In the past, this system was very complex requiring much input, but currently there are several ways of solving such challenges to make it a success. Companies should fight against exposing important information, as this may be a breakthrough for several threats.


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