Essays about honesty

Most people agree that honesty is very important for everyone. To have integrity, you must have a code of ethics, and always strictly follow the code. You can be sure that honest people do what they think is right, even if it is an unpopular or controversial decision. Some professions that are generally considered less honest are politicians, lawyers, managers and salesmen. This is usually because of dishonesty, be it personal beliefs, facts, or just fake facts. These jobs are very important in our society, and those who occupy one of these posts must be honest. Unfortunately, these professions are often associated with little or no integrity while the basis of their trade must demand more integrity than most other jobs.

It is believed that politicians often do not have enough honesty, because they can achieve their goals. In order to get a position, a politician often pretends to believe in any policy and relations, which were popular at the time. This does not mean honesty, and people who do not have honesty should not take a position that manages people and writes the laws. Therefore, politicians often call to change their views. While an honest man can change his mind, if he finds out more information on an issue, and it’s still honest, people in politics often ‘change their views,’ much more than what is considered normal for most people.

Lawyers also occupy one of the first places in the list of those who have no integrity. This may be due to the tactics of the courtroom, the protection of those who are known to be guilty, or because of greed. The law is usually written in a very technical format, which can be very difficult to understand, and it is often so specific that it does not cover all circumstances. That is why lawyers can find a ‘loophole’ that allows the law to justify the actions that are considered immoral and should be illegal. This is generally considered to be unfair, because all that does not meet the intent of the law is considered to be immoral. However, it is wrong, but not always technically illegal. It is believed that lawyers do not have enough honesty, if they protect the customer, which is generally considered to be guilty. Here things can get very messy. If a person freely admits his guilt to his lawyer and then a lawyer goes on to protect the innocence of this man only because of the payment he or she receives for his or her services, it can be considered unfair. However, the protection of the innocent, when no one believes in him, may show greater honesty. Making sure that the person has received a fair trial should be viewed as an honest man’s act, regardless of whether they are guilty or not. While some lawyers will do it and try to make sure that all relevant facts are brought, while others lie under oath to conceal the truth and try to find ways to circumvent the law to make money. All lawyers have to be honest, because their actions can have a big impact on their clients, families of clients and potential victims.

In addition, often I thought that the sellers have a low integrity. This is due to the fact that many sellers will do everything possible to make the sale. The salary of many sellers depends on sales. They will receive a commission based on how much they sell. This causes many of them to make a sale, no matter what, even if they should neglect the details, exaggerate or even lie about the product. If their salaries were based solely on an hourly wage, this stereotype can be significantly reduced.

It is believed that engineers have a high level of integrity. This is extremely important in the engineering world, and especially in the field of civil engineering, as ignored errors can lead to terrible disasters. It can be difficult to admit a mistake, but if it is done early enough, then the error can be fixed without a catastrophe. One example of when it was not well done in engineering terms was a disaster on the Quebec Bridge in 1907 (Quebec Bridge Disaster). The chief engineer of the project was Theodore Cooper. He wanted to extend the bridge so he could set the record for the longest cantilever span in the world. There were other reasons for this extension, but the benefits were not significant and were not worth the result. Thus, the design of the bridge has been extended, but did not mess with the calculations, to take the added length into consideration. Cooper’s code of ethics did not allow him to continue work on the project until he had fulfilled all the necessary calculations. This shows a low level of integrity, because his desire to set the record was overcome by his desire to create a secure bridge.

Having integrity is extremely important to the engineer. Civil engineers, in particular, design buildings, roads, and facilities that can kill and maim unsuspecting and unprepared people in large quantities in the event of an accident. That is why it is so important that civil engineers do their best work in any project that you do, and not seemingly small steps. High degree of integrity is required. Honesty is the basis of respect and self-respect. This is how your customers grow as a business, let others know that your business is honest.

After all, honesty is an important part of our lives. Without elementary human integrity, we are animals. Integrity determines how we live and who we are. You must want to be a decent person, and then your decency will be real. After all, not always the person who is decent with you will be the same with other people. A good and polite worker can be a tyrant for her family, and at first glance a sweet and unremarkable girl can show her indifference to animals or people. Integrity should not be for us just a word or a term, it should be a part of our life, because only in this case this simple word acquires any meaning.

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