Essays on illegal immigration

People who are against immigration want to increase the number of national guards that are at the U.S borders from Mexico to the United States as well from Canada to the United States, but the most famous way they think will prevent illegal immigration would be what President Donald Trump propose which is to build a wall that will extend across the Mexico border. I personally believe that we should be more open to legal immigration, because if we don’t find ways for someone to migrate fluently and without many problems into the United States or try to prevent others from coming into the country in a legal way they will try to enter by any means necessary which usually will result in an increase of illegal immigration to prevent this we try to make immigration easier to handle, but at the same time safe by prevention criminals and letting families and workers who wouldn’t mind working in low income jobs, this will also help to reduce the amount of illegal immigrates due to an having an improved immigration system with more support on becoming a documented citizen.

The requirements to immigrate into the United States is a difficult process, To get into the United States you will need to apply for a visa depending on visa would let you do different activities for example if you apply for a visitor visa and get accepted you would be allowed to do tourism or business and if you apply for visa for students you will be allowed to join an educational system such as high school or college, but the visa for permanent residency is an immigrant visa. According to the official website you will need someone to sponsor you, or file an immigrant petition for you, if the petition is approved and if the visa you are applying for is available you will need to apply for either a green card if you are already in the U.S. or an immigrant visa if you are outside the U.S, after that step is completed you will need to get a medical examination and go to an interview during this interview they will as ask question on why you want to immigrate , question about you personally, if you have family members in the U.S., if you are married or have kids, etc. after the interview is completed you will receive whether you been accepted or declined on your application, this process will usually turns out being sort of expensive especially if you if you come from a low-income job which is the case for most immigrates. 

Boundless Immigration Inc. is a Seattle based company that specialized on the process of immigration have stated that the current naturalization fee for a U.S. citizenship application is $725 which is steep if you considered that half of the immigrants coming to the United States are from Mexico which is considered a third world country as well as a developing country this is due to the rise of drug cartels and other illegal activities this creates impoverished people who are desperate to get into the United States, so $725 per person and other costs such as the price of moving and renting a house or apartment would be a high price to pay to move to another country especially if you are planning to move with your family in which you need to use the same methods of payment for all of them.

Even with the high requirements to get a green card or an immigrant visa which even if you acquired one you will need to pay a high price to do the move from and country to another and pay extra to rent a house or apartment, people are still trying to make the process to immigrate into the United States more difficult to do which is unacceptable. Instead of making the process of immigration harder to achieve which will cause more inmigrantes to do the illegal way which will increase the amount of illegal immigrants already in the country, instead we should help individuals and families navigate the process of immigration is way that is make them feel more confident into moving into a different country in more rapid and affordable way. The immigration system is too far restricted making the whole process take longer than it needs to, overall it will take an average of 1 and half to 3 years to get accepted for a visa , the immigration system need a way to reduce that waiting time to make the whole process faster, but also keep it an efficient level where we don’t halfhearted background checks and fall for iffy false documents. 

Daniel Griswold also wrote that immigrants help soften the swings of the unemployment rate by acting as a safety measure if the unemployment rates become too high or become hard to maintain, this is done by regulating the work force when there is a high number of jobs and business looking for multiple workers immigrants tend to come in greater numbers to fill in those vacant spots to keep the business running and the country is having a crisis by having a scarcity on jobs and high unemployment immigrants will come to the country in fewer number will others will choose to return to their home country allowing others to take their place on the workforce practically regulating the job market when necessary. Daniel Griswold also wrote in the article that immigration has the positive effect of helping out the workforce by increasing the amount of workers in return they will boost the return of capital investment into the economy which will increase the productivity and wages of all workers including immigrants and native born workers, immigration plays an important part in the economy of the United States by combining native born and immigrant workers you will receive a work force close to 150 million immigrants being responsible for 17% of that, in which produces more than $14 trillion in output a year. Another reason that American’s believe is true about illegal or legal immigration is that immigrants are a major source of crime which again it just is not the case, the state of Texas recorded the arrests and convictions for specific crimes in 2015 they discovered that out of 100,000 illegal immigrants only 782 were convicted for a crime and out of 100,000 legal immigrants only 262 were convicted but there were 1,794 conviction against natives per 100,000 of them, for crime that was accounted for 0.18% of all conviction there was fewer conviction against undocumented than against natives.  

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