Flame Test Essay

Ever wondered if the color of fire can change? It is possible with different chemicals. The color of fire can be changed using different chemicals to make different colors. Metals like strontium chloride and sodium carbonate can make different colors like red and yellow when heated. The electrons make the colors change. The different color changes help identify the metals, which helps identify the chemical compositions.

What are the expected results when various chemicals are heated? The expected colors are red, yellow, green, violet, blue, and white.

The following are the different chemical-color ratios: strontium chloride for red, sodium carbonate for yellow, copper sulfate for green, potassium chloride for violet, cupric chloride for blue, and magnesium ribbon for white. Each element has a “fingerprint” of its line of color spectrum.

Why do the colors change? When atoms are heated they jump around the nucleus quickly; and when they return to their position, they let off light waves in its specific color spectrum.

When atoms or ions are strongly heated electrons can be promoted from their unexcited state into higher orbitals. By heating or by applying an electrical field, atoms of a gas or vapor, that are excited, their electrons are able to move from their ground state to higher energy levels and then return to their resting state releasing lightwaves.

What is the purpose of flame tests? Flame test kits are a good inexpensive way to visually determine the identity and presence of a metal or metalloid ion through the color of its flame.

The basis of low temperature flame photometry is like that of the simple analytical flame test. In the flame test, earth metals are heated at a temperature of a Bunsen burner flame and that their electrons are further excited to a higher energy level. When these electrons, that are ‘excited’, return to the ground state, they emit radiation, which for the metal and metalloid elements lies mainly in the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum, or visible light including all colors we see. The principle of flame photometer is based on the measurement of the emitted light intensity when a metal is introduced into the flame.

In order to better understand how to change the color of fire using different chemicals to make different colors. This information is important to this topic because, you need to know the reason the fire changes color, which is the reason for this experiment.

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