Global Warming And Climate Change – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

The greenhouse effect is among one of the biggest effects that humans have caused. According to Britannica kids, ‘The greenhouse effect is the warming of Earth’s surface and the air above it and is caused by gases in the air that trap energy from the Sun.’ This is an issue as humans have been burning too many fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gasses which are increasing greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Too much of these gasses can cause the earth to trap more heat which can cause the earth to heat up. This brings me to my third cause of global warming, deforestation, yes another cause caused by humans. Yes, did you hear that another cause of global warming caused by humans. Personal Deforestation is the huge number of trees being cut down for farming wood or clearing land for farms. According to ‘The Under Story’ every year between 3.5 billion and 7.5 billion trees are cut down. This is a huge problem because the massive numbers of fossil fuels being burnt causing carbon dioxide and there are not enough trees to change it all back to oxygen. What are the effects of global warming and how will it impact our future?


This January was the hottest ever month recorded in Australia according to the Bureau of meteorology. Glaciers have started shrinking, ice breaking up and melting earlier than usual and trees are flowering earlier. According to NASA sea levels are rising 3.2 millimetres per year and is growing every year. This is due to ice sheets and glaciers melting and the expansion of seawater as it heats up. This will eventually cause coastal flooding and lose of homes and land and this would ruin the great Aussie tradition of going to the beach as there would be no beach. Just imagine a summer without going to the beach, it wouldn’t be the same. A further effect of global warming is drought. Drought has been happening in the 2000s in Australia where there is little or no rain and this leaves farmers with dead crops and animals and rural areas with no water. The crisp dry paddocks are in unbearably bad conditions that if you fell over you would break your knee!! This can lead to whole farms and industries collapsing. If you have been to the shops lately the prices of fruit and vegetable have gone through the roof as farms are struggling to even grow weeds!! A final example of effects of global warming is fish and coral reefs dying because of warm water temperature and low water levels. This is evident through 2 incidents.


One of which is the darling river in Australia where millions of fish died because of low water levels. The second is that I have found that when I have been going snorkelling there are been a lot of dead coral and not much sea life and the other day I saw these horrible statistics that National Geographic released that over half of the great barrier reef is dead thanks to bleaching which has been caused by the ocean water temperature rising. Poor helpless sea animals will have to leave their reefs and find new ones. Scientists have found that by 2050 90% of the world’s coral will be dead at this rate of global warming. Now you may be wondering, how can we solve this and what are some solutions to these horrible problems? Everyone can make a difference to help fix climate change. To solve the problem of global warming you can cut down on burning coal and gases, you can use more renewable and environmentally friendly ways to make energy like installing solar panels on your roof or buy wind energy, you can buy energy efficient appliances for your house and you can do this by looking at your Energy star label. I have changed all of my house’s appliances from 3 to 5 stars and I have also recently installed solar panels and the amount of money this has saved us has been incredible. Everyone can act to help address and adapt to climate change Another simple way to take your part in fixing global warming that may sound silly is by saving water. This can be as easy has taking shorter shower or even just switching your tap of while you brush your teeth. I have walked into the school bathrooms and have seen taps left on wasting valuable water.

The biggest and most effective way to help solve the problem of global warming is to speak up. Tell your friends and family, put in social media, it is your job to help save our world and everyone can make a difference!! Do you want your grandkids or even kids having a safe place to live? Not fighting for there life with natural disaster coming weekly or having no water. Well act now and help make a difference before it is to late.

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