Google – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Googles follow a general rule that great works come from great people, people that are happy and feel fulfilled at work. Google ensures that all employees have a work environment dedicated to helping them succeed. They run the companies on “ strict adherence to hierarchy and well-defined individual roles and responsibilities.” (Tran). This helps keep employees stay on track and supports a collaborative culture where everyone is working towards the same goals, in this case, success. Google maintains the challenges of being an exceptional manager by ensuring that the entire company is treated as a family in a way. Working at google’s employees have access to free benefits, car care, haircuts, workout and recreations sports areas, as well as free food, serve throughout the day.

Google likes to help employees learn from and correct mistakes rather than punish them. Management in Google is more interested in the factors that caused the mistake and helping to fix them. Google management sets promote a creative work environment with not only physical comfort but emotional and mental. This helps lead to an innovative environment “Google has an organizational culture for innovation. The company also emphasizes the importance of openness among employees, as a way of promoting an innovative mindset. “ (Smithson). By creating offices that are individually designed, offering comforts, as well as fun google offers an overall positive experience.

Google has been able to hold a competitive advantage because it has such a powerful infrastructure. I think that they use globalization as the most important aspect of their organization. Google is used worldwide wherever the internet is able to be used. This is one of the biggest advantages a company can have, users can reach google serves anywhere from a home computer to a smartphone that is in a user’s pocket at any given time. Being able to expand globally gives them the advantage of being able to operate in locations other competitors may not be able.

I think Google can maintain its corporate culture by continuing what it already practices. However, they should always revisit and revise what the current need of the employees are. Continuing to make the world place feel like a second home will keep its workplace positive and productive. I believe that this type of corporate culture will survive because it keeps employees happy at work. They still have deadlines and schedules for the workday but they are in a more comfortable environment. I believe that often work environments are stressful and less work is achieved with a person who is in a constant state of stress.

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