Has Life Been Meaningless?

Religious conviction perspectives should be implemented in people’s lifestyles. According to Vaughn, internalists believe that they can have significant lives (421). They can do so without counting on the conceptions of transcendent realms of God (421). Therefore, one does not have to be in a religious framework to have a significant life. Further, Vaughn states that “if life is meaningful, then it is meaningful no matter how long or short it is ” (422). If people are spiritually and emotionally balanced, even outside the religious framework, the sense of life being unimportant will not be felt. Religion acts as a channel for identifying the value and purpose in life for the people who are not religiously strong or stable. Thus, conviction as a whole has important values which, when implemented by people, help make life meaningful.

Religion is a medium for interacting with different people, aiding in creating empathy, harmony, and love, which impact an individual’s life in a positive way. People tend to gather and share inspiring information with each other and even help those having hard times when they can. The religious values in most cases usually focus on fraternity and humanity which enhance morale in one’s life. It guides the way a person can live with a purpose and in a decent manner.

There are many roles which religion plays; they include acting as an institution and being an ideology. Religious conviction serves the role of designating the identity of individuals. These specific individuals eventually find purpose in the religious conviction they are in. Religion can as well be utilized to handle hardships in life and different issues or dilemmas. Therefore, religious conviction acts as an effective function when it concerns helping different individuals to find their purpose in life.

Work Cited

Vaughn, Lewis. Philosophy Here and Now: Powerful Ideas in Everyday Life. Oxford UP, 2019.

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