Health and Medicine: Facility Planning

Regulatory requirements and their impact on the design and equipment

To abide by the stipulated regulations of South Carolina State, THE SOUTH STATE HOSPITAL shall follow the prescribed code of ascertaining that it has; License from the government, Permits for operations, and that it follows the law as well as bye-laws of the State.

Licenses, Permits, and Bye-Laws

Licenses: SOUTH STATE Hospital shall approach the Licensing Authority to be issued with the License. After being issued with the license, the hospital shall start its operations in earnest. The facility will operate under the laws and regulations as provided by the Acts of South Carolina Assembly. The license will be required as issued under Licensing Act under the Ministry of Health and Industry. It will be renewed annually.


There would be an invitation for a specialized body to investigate and establish that SOUTH STATE Hospital meets the standards of healthcare operations. The site would be surveyed after every three months. This would ensure that there is continuous improvement of the facility. The facility needs to perform this criterion of Accreditation to maintain quality operations in the facility; well-organized management, reduction of healthcare cost because of efficiency, and increase of public’s confidence in the operations of the healthcare.

Permits; Healthcare permits will be required and obtained from the local authorities as issued under The Local Government Act. It will be renewed annually.

Bye-laws; All the bye-laws that the law requires will be put in place. Labor laws as described by the federation of South Carolina Employees and Trade union. Taxation acts as provided by Revenue Authority will be taken into consideration. National social security fund laws as provided by under the ministry of labor will be observed by the facility Kelly(2009).

Color selection implications and noise issues

According to Kopacz(2004), patients tend to remember colors better than numbers. In choosing a color, The South State Hospital shall consider; tradition, characteristics of the user, and the surrounding. Different colors influence the operations of Hospital facilities. For instance, there are situations where colors may evoke spaciousness.

The South State Hospital would be designed with good colors to bring an array of happiness and jollity. There would be bright colors on the walls of the Facility. The accessories will be well designed with colors that are attractive and appealing. The name of the Hospital has good color in its logo (blue).

Noise interferes with sleep and highly disturbs patients. In hospitals, the noise could be due to; alarms, telephones, ice machines, a conversation between staff, bed rails, and pneumatic tubes. There should be a mechanism of ensuring that noise is reduced in a healthcare facility. The South State Hospital will purchase hi-tech panels which have been confirmed to substantially absorb noise. These panels will be placed on the ceiling and walls of the facility.

List of equipment and electronic items needed

Some of the equipment and electronic items that the facility will need are;

Scalpel, the ultrasound, x-ray machines, medical lasers, infusion pumps, anesthetic machines, medical ventilators, heart-lung machines, blood pressure machine, the medical laboratory equipment, diagnostic medical equipment, chase drainage, the cardiac monitor, Ventilators, ox meters of pulse, Scoop stretchers, Automated sphygmomanometer (CAS Medical Systems), Neonatal transport incubator, oxygen masks, and Intravenous fluids (crystalloids, colloids), cables and the connectors, air purifiers, energy tools, light and sound machines, massage chairs Wolper (2004).

Budget planning and cost estimates

To optimally operate, SOUTH STATE Hospital shall ensure that it has the following; machinery, electronic items, and equipment.

A Table budget planning and cost estimates of electronic items, machinery, and equipment

Item Date Required Source No. Required Cost estimate Per Unit($) Installation Cost($) Total ($)
medical lasers 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 30 300 9,000
infusion pumps 05/05/2011 M’ dealers 10 150 1,500
light and sound machines 05/05/2011 South State 100 1000 10,000
anesthetic machines 05/05/2011 South State 20 1000 20,000
air purifiers 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 10 1000 10,000
Tables 05/05/2011 M’ dealers 20 200 4,000
Chairs 05/05/2011 M’ dealers 1000 400 400,000
Beds 05/05/2011 M’ dealers 1000 900 900,000
blood pressure machine 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 10 1000 10,000
massage chairs 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 200 1000 200,000
Plates 05/05/2011 South State 10 SETS 240 2,400
Teacups 05/05/2011 South State 10 SETS 320 3,200
Knives 05/05/2011 South State 10 15 150
Serving spoons 05/05/2011 South State 12 10 120
Saucepans 05/05/2011 South State 2 150 300
medical ventilators 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 20 2500 50,000
medical laboratory equipment 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 10 1000 10,000
Cooking sticks 05/05/2011 South State 5 20 100
Thermo flasks 05/05/2011 South State 10 200 2,000
Forks 05/05/2011 South State 100 5 500
Trays 05/05/2011 South State 10 120 1,200
oxygen masks 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 40 150 6,000
Total 1,640,470

Electronics Needed

Item Date Required Source No. Required Cost Per Unit($) Installation Cost($) Total ($)
Computer 05/05/2011 L’ Dealers 50 10,000 500,000
Electric cooker 05/05/2011 L’ Dealers 10 3,500 30,500
Refrigerators 05/05/2011 L’ Dealers 10 30,000 300,000
Television set 05/05/2011 L’ Dealers 10 8,000 80,000
Ovens 05/05/2011 L’ Dealers 10 5,000 50,000
Fryer 05/05/2011 L’D Dealers 10 2,500 20,500
Mixer 05/05/2011 L’D Dealers 1 2,000 2,000
ultrasound 05/05/2011 Chris Suppliers Company Ltd. 40 100 4,000
x-ray machines 05/05/2011 M’ Associates 20 3000 60,000
Automated sphygmomanometer 05/05/2011 M’ Associates 10 1000 10,000
cables and the connectors 05/05/2011 M’ Associates 1000 200 20,000
Total 1,077,020

Resources Required

Items Cost Estimate( $)
Project Managers 20,000
Equipment 10,000,000
Employees/Staff 10, 500,000
Licenses and permits 643,000
Installation 234,000
Advertisement 834,000
Promotion 200,000
Rent deposit / Building of Clinic 100,000,000
The stock of raw materials 500,700
Total 122,931,700

A Table of monthly Remuneration to Employees

Remuneration of the employees will be based on academic qualification, experience, and type of job or task performed.

Post No of employees Monthly pay ($) Total ($)
Manager 1 56,000 56,000
Supervisor 1 69,000 69,000
Cateress 2 7,000 each 14,000
Doctors 4 70,000 each 28,000
Cooks 10 5,000 each 60,000
Waiters 12 5,000 each 60,000
Cashiers 3 5,000 each 15,000
Messenger 4 4,000 each 16,000
Security guard 12 4,000 each 48,000
cleaner 20 4,000 each 80,000
Total 69 446,000

Implementation plan (Gantt chart)

This is a plan that the South State Hospital will follow to ensure that there is a timely implementation of the facility.

January February April May June
Formulation of the policies by the managers
Budget Analysis
Building the Facility
Purchase of Equipment & Recruitment of Staff
Operation of the Facility

Description of the role of stakeholders in facility planning and development

The roles, duties, and responsibilities of members of the management team will be:

Manager; would be responsible for daily management of the facility, some of the roles would be to;

  • Formulation of policies. These policies will perfectly help in the daily operation of the facility.
  • The setting of goals and objectives. Goals are important elements as they show what the organization is striving to achieve in short term and the long run.
  • Allocation of resources to different departments of the facility. This would ensure that no department lacks resources for efficient operations.
  • Organization of healthcare activities. When all activities are well organized, there would be effective operations in the facility.

Doctors; a specialized team of doctors would be employed in the Hospital. They would be highly expected to provide exemplary services to patients. The main aim of doctors would be to treat patients as necessary and in the most advanced modern way.

Supervisors; their roles are;

  • To ensure proper maintenance of facilities; equipment, machinery, and electronics.
  • Ensure good human relations within the healthcare facility
  • Communicating problems, views, and concerns of the facility
  • Provision of job training to workers

Cateress 1

  • Implementation of policies
  • Building a teamwork spirit within their department
  • Linking their section to the entire facility
  • Ensure coordination between different departments

Accommodation Assistant

  • Responsible for the tidiness of the wards and the entire facility
  • Ensure that there is a conducive and friendly environment for patients.


Kelly, E. (2009). Community planning: an introduction to the comprehensive plan. New York: Island Press.

Kopacz, J. (2004). Color in three-dimensional design. Chicago: McGraw-Hill Professional.

Wolper, F. (2004). Health care administration: planning, implementing and managing organized delivery systems. New York: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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