Healthy Eating: A Common Nursing Concern

The significance of healthy eating choices may have been diminished significantly among general audiences due to the rise in the range of activities to be engaged in daily and the resulting lack of time for cooking proper food. However, healthy eating still remains an issue of utter importance, especially given the fact that obesity and diabetes as the direct outcomes of poor dieting choices currently affect the global population on a massive scale (Alcântara, Silva, Pinheiro, & Queiroz, 2019). Although my current approach toward eating could use some corrections, the general focus on vegetables and protein as the bulk of my diet, as well as the consumption of large quantities of liquid, can be considered as a reasonable combination of nutrients.

The dieting choices that I have been making so far have been quite effective in keeping me from consuming the so-called empty calories, which represent a significant threat to health. By definition, empty calories are typically mentioned when referring to food that consists predominantly of sugar, fats, and oil (Wilson, Reedy, & Krebs-Smith, 2016). Although eating the specified types of food once in a while does not have a detrimentally negative impact on one’s body, including them into one’s diet as a part of their regular eating choices will inevitably lead to a rise in cholesterol, as well as the increase in the threat of obesity (Wilon et al., 2016). Therefore, empty calories should be considered with great caution. In the specified regard, my eating habits have been quite safe, although I do sometimes feel the urge to eat food that contains high amounts of sugar. However, I have been managing the specified need by substituting sugar-based food with the options such as small amounts of honey and sweet fruit.

To change the current ratio of healthy food and that one with a large number of empty calories, I will also have to rethink my eating options in regard to the places where I choose to buy my food. Given the current situation with the COVID-19 epidemic, I have been facing the need to order food and have it delivered, which has led to eating fast food several times (Nguyen et al., 2020). Thus, it will be necessary to restrict my dieting options to home-cooked food or, at the very least, minimize the amount of fast-food consumed. The specified goals can be accomplished by ordering food from other restaurants with healthier menus, as well as considering home cooking, namely, some of the vegetable and lean meat dishes. In addition, adopting the exercises associated with mindful eating will be necessary. Specifically, I will have to view the process of consuming food not only as a part of m daily routine but also as an essential step in replenishing my energy levels.

Having introduced a large range of vegetables and fruit into my diet and cut the excesses including sugar and fats, I have managed to improve my diet significantly, yet further options that include mindful eating will be necessary. In addition, some of the current socioeconomic constraints, namely, the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, will have to be taken into account when shaping the current approach toward improving my eating habits. As a result, I will be able to develop an even healthier approach to eating and improve my current health status by reducing exposure to the threats such as diabetes and obesity.


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