Helping Others – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Recent studies have shown that the poverty rate in the St. Louis area has increased to twenty six percent overall. This means that every four out of ten children live in poverty. This is a sad truth that has affected the school system and forced programs such as the Assistance League to step up and provide support for these children.

If it weren’t for organizations such as this, there would be major issues in many schools all over the world. For example; most people who have finished lower levels of schooling understand the many issues that can be caused due to a child not having materialistic things equivalent to their peers. Lower level schools are filled with immature and uneducated children that look at those children who are less fortunate than them and look at this as an opportunity to bully or single out those students. This is unacceptable in so many ways, but this doesn’t change the fact that it still happens every day all over the world, not just in the St. Louis area.

This issue does more than hurt only the student, but it also creates an issue when others witness and think this is acceptable to participate in. Many school teachers and those in authority positions do their best to watch out for this issue, but they are not able to control all of it.In order to eliminate the isolation and feeling of displacement in those students who are less fortunate, the Assistance Leaders have created AL closets in over seventeen schools in the St. Louis school district. The nonprofit organization is working on expanding to many more schools, but they have to assure that they are able to support and provide enough resources to all of the schools they are participating with. With that being said, the Assistance Leaders are not new to the St. Louis area. The organization has been providing their services to children in need for over twenty-six years. The contribution and support they give to students all over is not for their personal gain, but for the lives of those children who lives they are changing each and every day.

The support and love they show to each and every child is being received and remembered whether the children realize it or not. Later on down the line, each and every child will remember the Assistance League for being there for them and their families when they were in a time of need. Those who run the program understand the impact they are making on these children’s lives. Pam Bogosian, VP Philanthropic Programs Assistance League spoke on the impact this organization has on her in a recent article stating, “You know when you`re helping kids they have such a smile just as you saw when we were fitting them with coats over here. It`s just, oh my gosh, it makes me feel good.

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