High school essay samples

Self Esteem goes a long way in high schools, especially for students. Most students walk into school with very low self-esteem which can cause difficulties throughout your high school experience. High schools allow many in and out of school activities to happen so students can take part in and interact with others while also doing what they love. Along with school activities, most people can agree that uniform policies can help self-esteem increase in someone’s life since every student must wear the same exact things as each other besides shoes most of the time. Policies like this one will limit the problem of being afraid to get picked on based off what you have on. Group work also helps increase self-esteem. People can express their feelings and opinions to a topic in a simple group that allows students to be comfortable. However, there is a possibility these resources will not work. There are still many students who experience different ways to come out their shell and still leave high school uncomfortable to be themselves. In this case, it becomes an issue that needs further or more professional help.

On the subject of high schools resolving social problems, overcoming racism comes into play. High schools generally try to distinguish the act and thought of racism. In a high school, this topic is taken very seriously because it can cause further issues such as self-harm and lowering the ability to just be themselves. Society as a whole went through a lot with racism. Majority of the time when racism is involved, high schools use discipline very precisely. No one likes going to in and/or out of school suspension or even having to sit detention for hours. Do not get me wrong there will be people out in the world who think high schools cannot stop racism. They might say this because racism can come from a person who really thinks the act of integration around us is not right and who are we to actually tell them they are wrong.

Getting bullying under control is another way high school resolves these issues. Generally, schools do not allow bullying to just brush under the rug because this is a serious matter. Most schools use classes such as health to educate students on how much bullying can actually affect a person. When high schools do everything, they can to prevent bullying student learn how to treat each other and be respectful. Students normally learn from what they are taught so if these rules are enforced then kids will follow. Many people have the opinion that bullying cannot be resolved in school because it mostly starts at home. Even some teachers will even say most student learn these bullying traits from home so that can be a reason why it is brought into schools.

School violence ties into bullying but it is a major problem that high schools can help change. School violence starts with bullying whether it is verbally, emotionally, or physically but is usually turned into something much harsher. Students are technically able to just walk into schools and do what they want. To stop this act, schools can have a metal detector at the front door, so you can expect any type of trouble from the very moment they walk in. Also, schools can find a way to meet with every student and speak with them to make sure everything is going okay in their lives. The only downside to these solutions is that some students might not want to talk to anyone and students may feel some type of way about not being able to carry what they want because with the metal detector idea schools might not allow of things to be entered into school. This is also going to start privacy issues because people will not want to have their bags searched just to go to school. Once different people put in new ideas to stop these kinds of things from happening it will help a lot.

Although those points are great, we cannot forget about the focus of educational cost. Educational cost is a huge issue for schools and even students. There are students that miss out or never get enough knowledge throughout their high school years because of budget cuts and just not having the funds to support students. Test scores and other things began to be based off what actual resources each school had and how it can affect students. The fund of schools is also focused on where these schools are found and whether it is in a poor or wealthy area. High schools can help by either find way to fundraise or simply ask parents for as much help as possible, so their child can succeed. Along with high schools, parents can also help with the problem instead of just allowing the school system to handle it. People may believe that educational cost should not be everyone’s main focus. When most people bring their kids to schools they usually do not expect their child to be not learning the information they should because of funds. On the other hand, there are people who want to be involved so why not allow that.

As can be seen throughout my essay, high schools do have the ability to help resolve social problems. Between overcoming racism, building self-esteem, stopping school violence, and getting bullying under control you have clearly been shown many different ways they can help. For those who think high school does not help resolve, maybe you look want to continue to look up different resources to support your claim.

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