Hiking – Essay Examples and Topic Ideas

Some people do not mind paying money to go to the sceneries for hiking especially when it is include the local tour guides. But I personally like free hiking areas. Mother nature should be free to go for every human being in the world. There are a lot of beautiful hiking trails in United States. I make some of them as the bucket list for me to go one day.

Smith Rock from Oregon is one of them. Central Oregon’s high desert is not a friendly place which is why Smith Rock, a monument in the middle of nowhere is so special. The rock itself is somewhere between a mountain and a mesa, surrounded by a winding river and some of the greenest parts of the state. Opportunities fr hiking and camping there are plentiful around the Rock. The Summit Loop is the best part , a 7mile all a-rounder that is not as steep as it looks. Yellow Stone National Park in Wyoming is a true gem in terms of the beauty of the country’s scenic and incredible park. People could hike Yellowstone for lifetime and still never uncover all of its secrets. But for a day hike can not go wrong with the beautiful Mount Washburn trail. The 6.4mile trip is a greatest hits of Yellowstone panoramas , with stunning views of Bighorn sheep and wildflowers. Visitors can drive to a starting point a few miles up the Washburn Trail. The Pisgah Forest is located in North Carolina. The 500,000 acres of Pisgah National Forest are home to usual trials and peaks, but the real attraction there is the waterfalls. Pisgah has dozens of falls, big and small. The Looking Glass Falls is the one of the beautiful fall in trail. The place has a visitor center and gift shops which are located near the hotels. The happy trails for hiking is the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. It receives over 2 millions recreation visits each year.

The thru-hike of the Appalachian trail takes between five and seven months. I can not imagine the hiking journey of this trail, hiker have to be strong physically and mentally to finish the trail. The Great Smoky Mountains which is located between Tennessee-North Carolina is the best trail for hikers. I went to the Great Smoky Mountains with my college outdoor adventure club last week. We spend a day in the mountains and had a really good time. The group was leaded by a college professor. He gave us a lot of knowledge about hiking that day. We did not have any telephone signals during the hiking in the trail which is good for the students to make the new friends and do the real talk communication. Professor gave us assignment during the ride to the Great Smoky Mountains. The assignment was to do the research about the history of the Great Smoky Mountains. The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians lives in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. During the hiking in Chimney Tops Trail at the Great Smoky Mountains, we saw a lot of waterfalls and beautiful trees. Fall season is the best time to visit there because weather is the best for hiking and hikers can see the Fall season color trees.

The trail was steep and rocky. Some of the first time hikers from our group had a little bit of hard time during the hiking. We all felt the air are more thinner while we were hiking, but the waterfalls that we saw on the way to the top of the mountain were magnificent. We had to experienced the breathtaking view on the summit of Chimney Tops Trail after two hours of hiking. The way back to the ground level was pretty much easy for all of us. Then we headed back to Georgia in the evening. Overall experience of hiking in the Great Smoky Mountains was one of the beautiful moment I have ever had. The best hiking tools are maps or compass. We can not really use GPS because there will be no cellphone signal in most of the trails. Hikers should be familiar with the map of the trails before the trip start and should check the weather at the same time. Wearing the comfortable shoes will help the hikers during the hiking and prevent the pain caused from walking too long after hiking. The most important thing for hiking is to make sure to stay hydrate, it will reduce the tiredness of the body after and during hiking. Hikers should bring extra foods and some safety items along with the first-aid supplies.

We would suggest to bring walking poles for every hikers because we might see some creatures in the trails, especially snakes are very common animal we could probably see during hiking. Some snakes will go away and hide when they hear the footsteps, but some will stay still and try to hiss the hikers. The other wildlife animals that stay in the trails are black bears, elks, bobcat, white-tailed deers, raccoon, turkeys , and a lot more. Hiking is the mind refreshing thing to do and it burns calories from human body. Two hours of hiking is equal more than one hundred minutes of exercise. Hiking can lower the risk of heart disease and improve the blood pressure. The best way to boost the mood is hiking. The president of the American Hiking Society, Gregory A.Miller said that the hiking has positive impact on combating the symptoms of stress and anxiety. Hiking is the additional therapy for people who depressed and it can lead a more active lifestyle.

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