Hong Kong: A Bustling and Magnificent City


Hong Kong is a bustling and magnificent city located at the south coast of China. It covers an area of 1104square kilometers. The city has got a reach history of both English and Chinese cultures which are well fabricated in the harmonious coexistence among the natives. The city is blessed with breath taking sublime landscape with misty and scenic mountains which are surrounded by pristine wideness.

Hong Kong has a great history which keeps the city flooded with visitors who would like to get a test of the tantalizing historic events which has over time made up this present city of Hong Kong. Hong Kong Formerly known as a fishing village before it was claimed by the British. Hong Kong stands tall and brides itself in great history of British and Chinese origin. This rich history has made the city a prime tourist destination not only in Asia but also a round the world. The city is endowed with modern state of the art facilities. Both the natives and visitors enjoy the latest quick, smooth and thrilling transport around the city.

Hong Kong well known for its foundation from the European and given architectural design by Asians is run by experts from al over the world. Hong Kong is modern city of experts and tourists and welcomes everyone from all over the world. This makes it home for all human kind since its social fabric embrace coexistence, love, respect and cooperation among the natives and the visitors.

Oceanic Park Hong Kong

This is premier attraction site in Hong Kong. Located on the south side of Hong Kong, Park Hong Kong covers an area of 870,000 square meters of land. To add in to the beauty of this park is the existence of Lowland, the Headland and Tai which are also grate attraction sites. These regions are linked to the park with cable cars and outdoor escalators which is not only the longest in Asia but also the second longest worldwide.

Amazing Animals

Hong Kong gives both its native and visitors a rare teat with amazing Asian animals.This gives the visitors an opportunity to have an interactive journey to giant Panda adventure where there bare Red Pandas, Chinese, giant salamanders as well as Chinese alligators. These are Asian animals that are rare to come by and there presence in Hong Kong gives the city a respectable name as one of the best habitant for rare species of animal.

Shopping in Hon Kong

Hong Kong provide perfect city for great shopping extravaganza. The city enjoys a large number of modern shopping mall with wide variety of good and service. This not only makes the city a shopping destination for shopaholics but also a haven for selection of world famous brands.

Bargaining is a common form of shopping in Hong Kong.

Dinning in Hong Kong

Renowned as the culinary cream of Asia, Hong Kong is well equipped with more than 12,000 restaurants which are well spread around the city. These restaurants serve a wide variety of cuisines ranging from Cantonese, regional Chinese food, authentic Asian cuisines and western fare. Food is one of the most important things not only to human being but also to all living things. Towards this, the city has positioned itself as one of the places with variety of food, giving

International knowledge

An ultra modern, multicultural metropolis, Hong Kong is strong magnet for knowledge and ideas. Hong Kong strategic geographical location gives it’s a great competitive advantage to attract experts and professionals. Collaboration and team work is quite necessary for development of a country. Towards this, Hon Kong has strategically positioned itself to exploit the opportunities derived from technological and knowledge exchange. The city is well equipped with modern learning institutions which offer all courses both to national and international students.


Night life in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is very active in the night as it is during the day. After hustling and bustling during the day, residents and visitors get into the bright psychedelic colored street for one of the many restaurants available. Life is quite good when it is balanced with entertainment and Hong Kong is well known for this kind of therapeutic treat to human being.

Karaoke and live music

The city of Hong Kong is raving with karaoke craze like a daring storm, getting ebullient response from all quarter of life. Many entertainment joints are equipped with private rooms where people gather to sing. Towards this, visitors can enjoy all kind of music and songs.

Water sports

Hong Kong is great place for water sport enthusiasts across the globe. This is because it has got one of the best and deep water bays relevant for skiing.

Rock climbing

Hong Kong has some of the best picturesque mountain in the world. This makes it a premier destination for mountain climbing enthusiast a cross the globe. It is estimated that forty percent of the Hong Kong comprise of more than twenty three parks which are well marked for easy identification by all.

One of the most classic experience one should check out before leaveing Hong Kong is the adventurous crossing of Victoria Harbor. This is an adventurous moment which every visitor and residents would always like to be part of any time they have the opportunity. Hong Kong climatic condition and weather condition is superb in that it comprise of all the seasons giving the city the perfect outlook for any body all over the world. It is therefore fearless to travel to honking since it is a perfect destination with suit the needs, demands and aspiration of most people.

Any visitor, landing on this great destination, a fragrant valley of life, and a shining metropolis city will be obviously happy and satisfied. With beauty, serenity, and peace, Hong Kong is known for peace and harmony with makes it a perfect place for both business and general life. The political condition is stable and there is high respect of the rule of law.

Hong Kong is a Freeland for everyone who is a serious investor and would like to exploit the rich economic boom the city has been enjoying for the last decade. A frantic, mixture of capitalism and socialism gives the city the best golden attraction to every one. Hong Kong is described by many as the most tantalizing and thrilling city on earth.


Hong Kong is a great city whose description is full of great memories. The city is a paradise on earth with a great attraction to many. It is therefore upon everyone to strive and get a taste of what this great city offers.

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