How Does Frost Tell the Story in ‘The Wood – Pile’?

In the poem ‘The Wood– Pile’ Robert Frost uses a really tight structure, it is an amount of one verse which he has actually used in other poems such as “Out Out -“. This poem is very first person narration, which is another thing that a great deal of Frost poems share in common, the setting of the poem is introduced in the very first line of the poem ‘the frozen swap’ this releases visual imagery quickly. The last 2 words of the very first line of the poem ‘gray day’ Frost uses internal rhyme the theme of the poem is nature it is set outdoors and it also it involves tree’s and birds Frost tells the story using this as the stake and the prop is natural resources and the wood-pile is society and since we are using nature up, it is quickly going to collapse.

Line four of the poem “No I will go on further– and we will see” here the individual in the poem is conveying a journey which is long, it is as if this individual is attempting to prove something to themselves, Frost utilizes this to inform the story in ‘The Wood-Pile’ demonstrating how this poem is moving on it is an exploration.

‘The hard snow held me, conserve where now and then’ the words used here encountered as really harsh as snow is usually soft not hard, this inflicts the modification in the nature in the location of where the storyteller is it always uses visual imagery so the picture of the woods is shown.

‘A little bird flew prior to me’ A technique that Frost uses is anthropomorphism which is utilized for the bird, as he reveals him as if it is his “last stand”. Whilst the bird is being discussed, the storyteller Is sidetracked by a piece of wood, Frost uses this to tell the story showing how you can be sidetracked quickly triggering you to forget the previous, this is communicated effectively within the next few lines as the bird is forgotten of and something brand-new has ended up being an unexpected interest, ‘And then there was a stack of wood for which I forgot him and let his little fear bring him’ here it is clear that wood has been found, foreshadowing there is more to the wood adding onto the entire story of the poem.

‘It was older sure than this year’s cuttings or even last years or the years before’ the wood has been cut up and left, we know this as it has been chopped, this gives a mystery to the poem as it immediately involves somebody else, the person who had chopped the wood, another mystery is why the wood has been left, Frost tells the story as it leads a wondering into how humanity can spend so much time creating a structured order only to abandon it. The last line of the poem related back to the ‘frozen swamp’ ending the poem at where it had begun.

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