Human Resource Management Aligned with Business Strategies


Ensuring the HR strategy is in alignment with the business strategy

When formulating a strategic plan for businesses, managers or business owners sometimes leave out an essential aspect of these plans. Human resources are often not included during consultation in the planning process, but aligning HR with the business strategic plans helps make certain that the company achieve their goals (Holbeche, 2013). Therefore, for State Farm Insurance Company to be successful in their operations, they should involve the HR in their planning table since they can predict on the number of skilled people needed. Moreover, HR can also do an inventory of the skilled people in the company and those needing training to ensure that the company achieves their objectives. State Farm should also treat HR as a business partner taking a proactive approach and involved in the strategic planning, rather than a reactive approach to the company’s problems and issues (Holbeche, 2013).

The HR job positions and the responsibilities listed for that HR department

The main HR job positions in State Farm Insurance Company are HR representative and HR assistant. First, HR representative can be based either internally or externally. The duties of HR manager range from interviewing and hiring new employees to assisting businesses to increase employee productivity as well as to reduce employee retention. In addition, they are accountable for reacting to workplace complaints and discrimination allegations, among other tasks (Aswathappa, 2005).

On the other hand, HR assistant is the lowest ranking position in the HR department. HR assistant is responsible for answering telephone calls, writing letters or e-mails, and arranging appointments for the HR specialists. The essential responsibility of HR assistant is maintaining personnel records as well as helping in the recruiting process through posting job advertisement and pre-screening applicants (Aswathappa, 2005).

HR job positions you would prefer

In this case, I would prefer HR administrator job position as it is the highest in the HR department. Therefore, this person is aware of and deals with all the HR-related enquiries. Holding this position, the HR administrator is accountable for administering HR-related information, for instance, contracts, managing recruiting process, ensuring the database is up-to-date and accurate, issuing relevant correspondence and setting up interviews (Aswathappa, 2005). Most of the work in the HR department is passed to the junior assistants, thus, I would prefer to hold a job of HR administrator.

Establishing HRM strategies to improve competitive advantages

The main purpose of the HR department is to create a sustaining workforce, which meets the needs of the business. Therefore, establishing HR strategies is essential to a company striving to gain a competitive advantage (Aswathappa, 2005). In this case, State Farm, being an insurance company, should understand the importance of a strong employee base. Therefore, the company can use the performance measurement through evaluations and improvement plans. This can motivate employees to work for higher performance if they feel that the company is concerned in their success. The end-result of such management is a high performing workforce, which results in a competitive advantage of the company. Secondly, compensation is the other HR strategy that the company should use because employees are stay in the company since they believe that their compensations and benefits are competitive and fair. Therefore, flexibility in setting employee wages will make the employees think twice before leaving the company. In addition, it attracts high skilled employees thus benefiting the company from an employee retention perspective (Aswathappa, 2005).

Three (3) ways that the company can increase diversity

Increasing workplace diversity has several advantages. Therefore, for State Farm to increase diversity, it should implement diversity programs and appreciate diversity in every aspect of the company. First, the company should create diversity and friendly policies, such as giving employees flexible working hours (McFarlin, & Sweeney, 2014). The company should also establish a task force in different areas and departments, which focus on different needs of the employees, such as the disabled, areas concerning gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. Lastly, the company should develop effective communication. The management should also be enthusiastic to listen to employees and address the raised concerns effectively and quickly (McFarlin, & Sweeney, 2014).


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