Human Resource Management: Interview With Job Analyst

Introduction: Job evaluation system is considered to be a systematic process aimed at identification of jobs roles and size within one organization for the purpose of internal relativities’ establishment and grading structures providing. It is important to stress that job evaluation is used for the purpose of regular raises, talented employees’ attraction and effective human resource management running.

What type of job evaluation system is used at your company?

Job Analyst: Our company supports job evaluation system as it helps to decide the following problems:

  • Job description clarifications for the purpose of employees’ adequate perception and appropriate jobs roles identification;
  • High potential employees retaining;
  • Desirable candidates’ attraction.

The organization’s experience proves that job evaluation is to be conducted after thorough work analysis. Every company selects its own job evaluation method which is convenient and appropriate for the company structure; they can be the following: classification, point evaluation, market comparison, point evaluation, factor comparison and ranking. (Mondy & Noe, 2007) Our company sticks to the method of point evaluation in job evaluation system.

Who is responsible for job evaluation?

Job Analyst: The method of job evaluation is usually conducted by the manager of human resource department who is responsible for analytical analysis of job evaluation processes.

Could you clarify the method used at your company?

Job Analyst: The type of point evaluation, which is widely used at our company, is considered to be one of the most appropriate as it expresses the value of job in terms of monetary aspect. The main task is top identify compensable factors possessed by jobs groups and on the basis of received factors one should provide the job description and its range. This method is very effective in the determination of decision making authority level, skills development, working conditions analysis and number identification of reporting staff employees.

Why is this method the most appropriate?

Job Analyst: It is necessary to underline the fact that this method of job evaluation has its advantages; according to the reports provided by our human resource manager, this approach is not so biased as all others used earlier by our company. Specialist is to assign the total points of each job before the time of compensable factors are the equation part. Nevertheless, despite advantages and effectiveness of this method, it is necessary to state that it also has its minuses; thus, in the process of job evaluation one can observe the domination of subjective decisions as to compensable factors, that is why it is important to take into account biases and not representing them in jobs points related to female employees or minorities. (Mathis & Jackson, 2006)

Conclusion: So, it should be noted that the system of job evaluation is considered to be a powerful tool in the process of jobs character analysis. It is an integral part of jobs description formation through information gathering and jobs quality analysis. One should stress that effective job evaluation method, for example the one used at our company, allows meeting the requirements of organizational structures through some changes and innovation insertion. The method of job evaluation is centralized in our work as it helps to raise its quality and working conditions.


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