Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency

Immigration Customs Enforcement Agency is known to be the chief investigative arm of the DHS. It is responsible for the promotion of public security and homeland security through the enforcement of United States civil and federal criminal laws regarding border customs, control, trading, and immigration. The agency was started following an attack on the U.S. in 2001. The U.S. government decided to restructure investigation handling and management of immigration and any other relevant activity. This was intended to protect the U.

S. against terrorist and security threats even better and stronger.

The ICE can undertake its operations using the divisions within the agency, including enforcement and removal (ERO). This division is responsible for primary enforcement matters relating to non-citizens in the country; these matters include apprehending criminals, gang members, those in the country unlawfully, and those who violate the law (Department of Homeland Security, 2020). Homeland security investigations (HSI), this division contains officers in different U.S. cities and also worldwide.

They help in handling transnational criminal investigations to protect the United States and maintain security. The division assists in apprehending and punishing individuals and criminal organizations who seek to exploit the Unites States customs and immigration procedures and laws.

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