Impact of Technology on Children

We are all affected by habits, cultures and ideas that we acquire regardless of the side from which we receive those ideas, which affect us negatively at times and positively at other times. The impact of television on children with sound and image is one of the most important of these dangerous effects, as the TV has become in every home, but rather in every room, to the point that in some people’s lives it became like food, drink, and the last thing thatВ the eyes catch before bed.

When the family leaves its children prey to this device, it places them in front of everything that this device contains of scenes that violate morals and violence, where they acquire from it their daily actions and behaviors and simulate everything they see without awareness, so here we discuss the extent of the impact of television on children; and the most important positive and negative repercussions on them and on whomever responsibility is attached.

Among the most important media outlets that affect us and our children sound and image is the TV with all its scenes, whether this effect is positive or negative, but the negative effect has become predominant. Studies have proven that most of В children’s programs contain violent scenes, and they have exceeded 50 to 60 adult violence scenes. As for the cartoon films, it is not without scenes of violence that exceed 80 scenes during one o’clock, and various researches have been conducted that prove the impact of television on children, whether positive or negative, and each researcher is based on his own point of view.

Those who found it negative, their opinion was based on the dose of violence provided by some films and programs, in which the child feels that the use of violence towards others is an ordinary and easy thing, and therefore violence spreads to society and bad morals and thus crime spreads, but programs with commercial objectives free of content It does not provide any scientific material that is not beneficial to the viewer at all.As for those who found it positive, their opinion was based on some religious and cultural programs that increase the child’s knowledge of his religion, literature and science and other programs that increase his information, development and development to keep pace with everything new in this era.

Here are some of the negative effects of TV on children: Television affects children’s beliefs, because most of the agencies that produce children’s cartoon films are American or Japanese. Lead to physical fatigue and fatigue in the eyes of children, due to the large number of sitting in front of the TV and sitting incorrectly. It leads to the tendency of the child to isolation, due to sitting continuously in front of the TV and not mixing with others.

Watching too much fictional movies kills children’s imagination or exaggerates it excessively, such as if a child imagines flying in space, etc. Affects the power of academic achievement in children. The child tends to use force and violence as a means to solve his problems at home with his siblings, at school or with his friends, due to the frequent viewing of these violent scenes on television, and through cartoon characters who practice this aggressive behavior, especially if these characters are loved by the child. Leads to the moral dissolution of the child, due to watching and simulating films and serials for adults. The lack of movement of the child and sitting in front of the TV for a long time lead to obesity, lethargy and permanent laziness. It reduces the child’s sense of thinking, creativity, and independent decision-making; children receive information without even having a role to think about how that happened.

The positive effects of television on children: As we talked about the multiple negatives of this device we must also talk about its positives, if not a lot: Television increases the child’s culture towards life and the world around it Develop the child’s linguistic outcome from vocabulary and meaning. The child learns through educational programs many things that he does not know, before entering the stage of education in school And all the advantages of the TV set can only be obtained by the child by knowing how to use this device correctly, and this is done through the guidance of the parents about what should be seen and what should not be seen Finally, television has been able to invade our minds in general and the minds of our children in particular, so it captured their perceptions, queens and their senses, but was able to influence them and attract them to it, with its attractive programs and scenes that surpass the mind, so it was able to be the educator, mentor and teacher, and became directly affected And indirectly in the formation of their behavior and personalities.

Therefore, parents should pay more attention and vigilance to their children, and play the role of mediator between them and the TV, by educating the children and explaining to them what is going on with this dangerous device. The children’s attention must be directed towards targeted programs that contain science and knowledge, in order to create with them the development of their talents and the desire to know.. And here is the problem: the child may have to watch a certain program or a certain cartoon film that is not necessary to be harmful but the attachment itself has damages; it may lead to many diseases, such as autism, cancer, developmental delay, dyslexia, lack of focus, introversion, depression, brain tumors , Eye diseases etc….We find that we harm our children more than benefit them, as researchers recently demonstrated that the child only needs two hours a day to watch TV, and that more than that is a waste of time without benefit and to no avail.

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