Implementation of Federal Educational Policies

Carol M. White Physical Education Program

The Carol M. White Physical Education Program has been important in the organization’s pursuit of effective physical education programs. The fund received have helped the completion of many projects that otherwise could not have been done without the policy. However, there have been some challenges that have been associated with the policy.

First, the institution’s physical education programs have expanded. With the expansion, there need to be enough funds in place that will help in maintaining the facilities and hiring qualified trainers to run them. The institution has as a result had its budget stretched as a result of the above. Additionally, the institution has had to deal with an increased influx of students who are interested in the physical education programs offered here. That too has increased the strain.

It’s therefore important if the institution can consider applying for extra funds not only for the development of the programs but also for the maintenance of the equipment and the personnel that run them. Alternatively, the institution should consider engaging in extra activities that will act as a revenue stream that will help in running the programs. That way a likely situation where the programs will fail due to lack of maintenance will be avoided.

Policy Evaluation Worksheet – Foreign Language Assistance Program

The Foreign Language Assistance Program has enabled considerable success in the institution since its implementation. There have been new programs established thanks to the funds from the policy. For instance, the institution has been able to establish new courses in Turkish, Iranian, and Indian languages. Because of the expansion of the programs, the student population that is taking languages has increased. Personnel instructing students in the languages are strained. Moreover, the stringent requirements that are used in the grading of the courses have been cited by the teachers as a source of discouragement.

There is a need to divert some of the funds that are availed by the policy in hiring new teachers who will relieve the current staff. The requirements for grading the students should also be revised to ensure students don’t strain in their pursuit of better grades. Considering the importance of foreign languages in the US foreign policy and national security, the institution and together with the others that are funded by FLAP should consider making a joint appeal to the Departments of Homeland Security and Defense for additional funding to mitigate the negative effects that may result with funds shortage.


Both policies have helped various developments in the institution. Overdependence on their funding however may negatively affect the institution in the future. The best way out of this, therefore, is for the institution to look for new revenue channels that will plug the budget shortfall experienced from time to time. Similarly, as said earlier, the institution should consider applying for additional funds from federal departments that directly or indirectly benefit from the programs that are run by the institution. That way, the institution will be able to buy time to implement long-term plans to support itself without overly relying on the funds available from the two policies.

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