Indirect Mode of Expressing Agression

There are several approaches to defining indirect aggression by psychologists and sociologists. Most often, it is described as a type of aggressive behavior that causes harm to another person in an indirect way, contrasting to the direct aggression where the victim is encountered face to face. Another opinion about it says that this type of behavior cannot always be recognized as aggressive, unlike open actions of direct aggression. In any case, it is acknowledged as harmful as direct assault is, if not having a more dangerous impact and consequences on its subjects.

Indirect mode of expressing the feelings of anger, hatred, jealousy, and envy is more characteristic for females than for males, so proved by sociological observations. Indeed, the typical way of indirect aggression, gossiping, is the behavioral pattern more often associated with girls and women, than with boys and men. The other actions of this kind include criticizing the other person, for example, his or her cloth or any belonging, or writing an anonymous letter with the aim to bully the addressee. In addition, revenge could be taken in a game, work, or social relations. Men can employ such a tactic as well; however, with them, it could be observed much more rarely.

Male patterns of aggression mostly include open violence, such as beating the victim, taking other’s belongings. The exclusion is verbal aggression, which is considered in different cases, either as direct or indirect aggression. Males more often have this type of self-expression than females.

There could be various ways to prevent indirect aggression. In the case of young girls, certain educational measures might be taken to raise their ethical awareness. It is essential to introduce other ways of problem solutions, such as open conversations instead of gossiping. They also should understand the consequences of their harmful actions, and be able to treat others in the way they want to be treated by them.

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