Its funny y’know people assume heartbreak is always over

Its funny y’know, people assume heartbreak is always over a relationship but it’s more than that, it can be missing a father that left, feeling so alone that you can’t function, it can be from a broken family, or even the feeling of failure. We always think that if someone cuts that it’s for attention, or if somebody cries it’s a sign of weakness, but we never look into the story, what if the teenager that cuts is coping with a variety of mental issues and is trying to get over the loss of a father that left and a loss of friends and love, what if the kid that cries has an alcoholic at home and the only place they can cry is when they aren’t getting beaten.

What if the kids with great grades and that is constantly smiling and joking is the same kid that isolates themself and does drugs and cuts at home due to their situation, or maybe the kid that’s always smiling and laughing has had issues at home and their world seems to be falling apart.

Well it’s time you hear my story that proves everything I’ve just said.

“William, hurry up or we will be late!” I sigh grabbing my bag, I know most kids would be dying to be a supernatural like me but its hard. This is my second year at Willow tree Private Boarding School and this year it’s either gonna be a fraction harder or easier.

I go down stairs to be greeted by my three elder sisters Harper, Kailee and Juliette. Juliette was wearing a white cotton long sleeve shirt, a short fushia velvet skirt, black stockings with white converses decorated with roses, her soft brown hair tied back in a braid, she wore her makeup naturally,you couldn’t even tell that she was trans. Oh, did i forget to mention that? Anyways, my eldest sister Harper was rocking her usual tomboyish/bad girl look: ripped black skinny jeans, a skull t-shirt with a flannel, black combat boots, a burgundy beanie with no makeup, her blue streaked hair neatly tied back in a ponytail. Then there was Kailee she looked like a stereotypical nerd, and i say that with all the love in my heart, she had on a baby blue button up t-shirt, a red cardigan, black tights, boots, natural makeup, black-rimmed glasses, her hair in a bob with blue ribbon tied in a bow.

I took a look at my own attire, a yellow shirt with long overalls covered in paint splatters, white sneakers, curly brown hair pushed under a pastel pink beanie, gold-rimmed glasses with my big amber eyes behind them and then my natural freckle mask layering most of my face.

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