Julius Caesar Analysis Essay

The world of Julius Caesar is very similar in some ways to the events and incidents that occur today. From the tragedies to the brotherhood, to conspiracies that led to disasters, every negative and positive event that happened in this play can relate to the real world today in some way. Don’t get me wrong, there are also things that you don’t see every day (or ever) happen in the real world at any point in time. The political violence, corruption, and self-dealing of Julius Caesar’s Rome mirror modern-day US politics in many ways, with added fictional events that mix into the perfect play.

The most obvious and noticeable element that’s in the play is corruption, which is displayed time and time again through a certain group of conspirators. This group of men was persuaded by Cassius that they believed Caesar wouldn’t be the best choice to rule Rome because of his ambition”. One event that’s extremely similar to this was the assassination of President John F.

Kennedy. He spoke about what he believed in and his main point was equality, which at the time people were not fond of mixing colored men and women with caucasian men and women. Because of this, he was shot by someone who believed they were doing the right thing by ending his term before he could do any more “outrageous acts’ ‘, similar to what Cassius believed. Another assassination that relates to the same type of idea and motive that Cassius attained was the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

John Wilkes Booth shot and killed Abraham Lincoln because he believed that he was determined to overthrow and destroy his beloved South. He believed he was doing something right by fixing it with a wrong, which is murder.

Switching over to the differences of Julius Caesar’s Rome to our government today is that is tolerated today that was forbidden back in that time. Examples of this include the many warnings that Julius Caesar received that he was going to die if he went out that day. In our time, if the president receives word that there’s a chance that harm may be done to him, he would be under heavy protection and guarded at all costs. Another difference between then and now is that back in that time, the king was regarded as a god, while the president’s power is regulated by congress.

In conclusion, there are many differences and similarities between Julius Caesar’s Rome and the United States of America. While some opinions are different and many things alter different situations because of the time gap, most of the morals are the same.

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