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Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a self-analyzing questionnaire with the purpose of specifying different inner biases in how people understand the world around them and make decisions. There are no good or bad or right or wrong answers. When you complete the MBTI the score represents your psychological type on four different scales. Extravert Versus Introvert – The first scale. It is how some people are expressive and comfortable with their surroundings versus someone who is more observed and comfortable alone. According to the MBTI I have no predisposition of extraversion over introversion. This means that my intake is 1%. The second scale is Sensing Versus Intuitive. This is what you would use to receive and process new information by using your five senses or your gut feeling. I have an average preference of intuition over sensing. A 38% preference. The third scale would be Thinking Versus Feeling, One who makes decisions based off data or facts versus one who uses personal values such as likes or dislikes. I have a minor preference of feeling over thinking(9%). I base my decisions based off of personal values. The fourth scale would be Judging Versus Perceiving. When you judge versus perceive you are a person who approaches the outside world by making decisions and judging whereas a perceiver would observe and perceive. I am said to be one who has an average of judging over perceiving(44%). I am a person who is quick to say what I feel about a situation without any factual data.

The Vark Learning Styles Inventory is a 16 item questionnaire that focuses on how learners prefer to use their senses to learn. The letters stand for. Visual, Aural, Read/Write, and kinesthetic. My Visual Score was 13, Aural 15, Read/Write 14, and kinesthetic 12. According to VARK I have a Multimodal Learning preference meaning that I am a person who needs to have the same material presented in several of my modes in order to really learn it . This makes me different because others can effectively learn using any single one of their multiple preferences.

The theory of Multiple Intelligence separates human intelligence into specific modalities, rather than seeing intelligence as being directed by a single general ability. The theory of Multiple Intelligence suggests that we excel with different types of intelligence. My top three Intelligence would be that I am Musical, Logical, and Kinesthetic. My musical intelligence is very strong. Music is my number one way of learning. I have songs going through my head so I can memorize things that are not easy to comprehend. I am an auditory learner. Logical/Mathematical is when you process information through logic and reason. These people are attracted to an investigation by scientific method. They are observers and reach a verifiable core. Their minds work like computers. And last but not least Kinesthetic, learn through movement and experimentation. These people are energetic. They enjoy artistic movements such as dance or any other creative movements. They also enjoy acting or performing in front of an audience. They like to build and figure out how things work. Hands-on type of people and well – coordinated individuals.

My superior choice would be Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Learning style because I feel that this test was the only test that really spoke the truth about me and it was like it was reading me back to me. This test had a lot of accurate information pertaining to me based off my results whereas the others I felt like they were giving me false feedback.

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