Leisure and Recreational Activities


Leisure and recreational activities engaged in by the majority of adults, teenagers and children were generally passive or non-active, and tended to occur in the home. There is, however, a desire for more variety, particularly for activities outside the home. Shortage of time and money limited leisure opportunities for both adults and teenagers, along with the shortage of entertainment venues and transport difficulties reported by teenagers. Choices about leisure and recreation, the type and extent of involvement, are subject to the practicalities and reality of one’s life: it is much easier to constrain or vary leisure pursuits than to cut down on work/study or family commitments.

It is with home-based leisure and recreation that constraints and variations can be most easily accommodated.


Violet Kolar

Participating in leisure and recreational activity can foster a range of positive experiences: from simple relaxation, fun and enjoyment to personal development and fulfilment, and improved health. Choices about types of activity and extent of involvement are not unilaterally made but are influenced by the demands and practicalities of every-day life.

This paper presents some of the findings from the Institute’ Australian Living Standards Study undertaken in an outer Melbourne area. Leisure and recreation constitute one of the 14 ‘spheres of life’explored in the study. Here, discussion focuses on the leisure and recreational behaviour of 1269 people, comprising 717 adults, 193 secondary school teenagers, and 359 primary school children. Adults and teenagers were asked to complete their own questionnaires, while children’ activities were reported on during interviews with parents.


Destinations of the World (DOTW- Qatar) performance is in keeping with the organisation’s long-term strategic plan, which focuses on continuously building and expanding its core business operations. The travel and tourism industries have suffered in current times due to poor world economic conditions and global uncertainty. Despite this downward spiral, in terms of international visitors on a global scale, our results are more encouraging than ever. The recent inauguration of our offices in Europe (DOTW-London), (DOTW-Austria) and in the Far East (DOTW-Malaysia, DOTW-Thailand) have been largely successful and already show positive signs of proactive cost management and sound customer service.

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On the year anniversary of Qatar’s successful bid to bring the FIFA World Cup™ to the Middle East for the first time in 2022, the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee has started the process of distributing all ticketing proceeds from the international friendly match (Brazil v Egypt – November 14 2011) held in Doha last month to famine victims in Somalia.

The Supreme Committee has partnered with Qatar Charity to ensure that the funds – totaling $400,000 (USD) – reach the people that are most in need in Somalia. The partnership was announced by Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee Communications Director, Nasser Al Khater and Director of Public Relations for Qatar Charity, Khalid Ahmad Fakhro.

Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee Secretary General, Hassan Al Thawadi said: ‘One year on from what was a historic day for our country, we are pleased to announce this initiative for those in need in Somalia with Qatar Charity as our partner. During the bidding process we always stressed the importance of football and the FIFA World Cup as catalysts for positive change. This initiative is one of many initiatives that we will undertake with the goal of harnessing the power of football to make a difference in people’s lives – in our region and beyond.’

Commenting on the international friendly, Al Thawadi said: ‘The game demonstrated yet again the appetite for top-class football in Qatar and the Middle East. Guests and media traveling from abroad were given a taste of what 2022 will offer – a full stadium with people from many different nationalities, coming together to create a carnival atmosphere.’

The match was held at Al Rayyan stadium on the outskirts of Doha on November 14, with Brazil beating Egypt 2-0 thanks to two goals by Valencia striker Jonas. http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/qatar2022/media/newsid=1552120/index.html The FIFA World Cup™ will be coming to the Middle East for the first time in 2022. Even before Qatarwas announced as hosting the World Cup, the country has been keen to stress the many legacies that the tournament will create in the region for the years after 2022. That legacy element in football has taken another great stride in Qatar as top U-17 teams from around the world compete in the first ever Al Kass International Cup. Emerging junior teams from top clubs such as FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Vasco Da Gama, Juventus, Ajax, Kashima Antlers, Al Jazira and Al Ahly and Qatar’s very own Aspire Qatar and Aspire International, will gather at Aspire in Doha to compete and display their skills for those seeking to witness the future global football stars.

Playing in the 2022 World Cup host nation is an exciting event for all the best young players in the world, as they dream to return in ten years to represent their national teams. In addition, the head coaches from each team have taken time out to visit the 2022 Legacy Pavilion that was visited by the FIFA Inspection Committee during the bidding process for the World Cup. Here they were provided an opportunity to see first-hand the great advances Qatar is undergoing to ensure the hosting of a truly spectacular World Cup. FIFA and the Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee have held their first working meeting on Qatari soil this week, with members from both organisations coming together to discuss a wide array of subjects relating to the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ Qatar.

The FIFA delegation headed by its Competitions Director Mustapha Fahmy, Marketing Director Thierry Weil, TV Director Niclas Ericson and Communications and Public Affairs Director Walter De Gregorio met with Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee Secretary General Hassan Al Thawadi and his team during the visit and attended a series of presentations by various Qatari organisations engaged in projects directly and indirectly related to the preparations for the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ Qatar.

“It was FIFA’s first visit since the bid inspection. We are impressed by the overall vision developed by the Qataris and the first steps of the preparations taken already. It is great to see the commitment and excitement of the 2022 Supreme Committee and other key stakeholders to create amazing. We are looking forward to continuing the path started over the last few days and seeing these visionary projects coming together on the way to the first FIFA World Cup in the Middle East,” explained Mustapha Fahmy.

Commenting on the visit, Hassan Al Thawadi (Qatar 2022 Supreme Committee – Secretary General) said, ‘We are pleased to have held our first working meetings this week in Qatar with our counterparts from FIFA. There is no doubt in my mind that the discussions and presentations held this week were of mutual benefit in terms of aligning our visions for the journey toward 2022. We have always insisted upon the importance of taking the time to ensure the proper foundations are in place for the next ten years. After our meetings this week with FIFA and our appointment of our delivery partner early last month, we believe we are on the right track.’

Stakeholders involved in the presentations included representatives from the New Doha International Airport project, Qatar Rail, the Gulf Organisation for Research and Development, Qatar Foundation andQatar’s Central Planning Office. FIFA’s team also toured various facilities and sites in Qatar, including the Aspire Academy For Sports Excellence and the newly established Qatar National Convention Centre, which will serve as a key non-competition venue during the 2022 FIFA World Cup™ Qatar.

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