Live Concert of Arctic Monkeys in Glasgow

The incredible performance of Arctic Monkeys in the heart of Glasgow was a phenomenal success among Scottish spectators. The band performed 20 musical compositions as part of the TRNSMT Festival at the historical site where protests and demonstrations once took place. The spotlights behind the drummer, Matt Gelders, and the stage equipment shone in a variety of colors, adding charm to the performance and creating a festive and carefree atmosphere. The city’s central square turned into a massive outdoor venue dotted with many fans of the band. The performance of Arctic Monkeys was the main sensation of the festival, it gathered almost all residents and guests of the city, so there was an utterly unique atmosphere.

The main difference between the band and other music groups and singers is that that they do not express their art through the volume and multi-level incompatible instrumental parts. A distinctive Sheffield accent of Alex Turner, the band’s front-man, and his ability to perform sensually, often rapidly delivering the lyrics, are the key to the band’s worldwide success. The band played confidently, instantly energizing the audience with their hit Four Out of Five from the new album Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino. The musical style of Arctic Monkeys songs is mostly similar to garage rock, but also contains elements of indie rock. Moreover, elegant vocal and instrumental parts and undoubtedly accurate performance of songs combined with charismatic ability to entertain the audience showed the high professionalism of musicians.

In their full-length performances, the band performs only their songs for copyright reasons. The performance in Glasgow was no exception, as it featured all the Arctic Monkeys’ most famous hits and debut song Teddy Picker. What is more, Cornerstone was full of restless romance and light playfulness. During the soloist’s performance of the song One Point Perspective, one could observe the charismatic movements and plasticity of Alex Turner and Andy Nicholson, bass guitarist of the band. Supporting players on acoustic guitar and keyboards perfectly complemented the atmosphere that prevailed on stage and among thousands of spectators.

Furthermore, Brianstorm, The View from the Afternoon and Don’t Sit Down ’cause I’ve Moved Your Chair became the quintessence of the band’s energy release that evening. The performance of song 505, in collaboration with Miles Kane, vocalist of The Last Shadow Puppets, came as a real surprise. Eventually, Arctic Monkeys finished an encore with Star Treatment, From The Ritz to The Rubble and R U Mine. Songs from their sixth album were a sensation among fans; they highly appreciated the compositions’ complexity. The piano part prevailed over the usual heavy guitars from other records, distinguishing the new album pieces from the previous ones with sophistication and lightness.

In general, I was not familiar with Arctic Monkeys’ songs, but the concert I watched impressed me with its paradox. On the one hand, there are professionals on stage who perform simple and, as one might say, commercial songs. On the other hand, even from the first listening to their songs, one can notice their development, painstaking work on new releases. Overall, I am impressed by the unique style of performance and the fact that the vocalist performed all the songs live without using sound effects. I would recommend going to a concert by this band to experience these extraordinary emotions.


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