Living in Paris and Living in New York: Comparison and Contrast

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The focal point of the paper is to present a compare and contrast essay on living in Paris and living in New York. Apparently, both are cosmopolitan cities and hugely populated with all modern amenities. However, there are some fundamental differences between the two cities from the point of view of a citizen. The best possible method would be to point out the advantages and disadvantages of living in each city and evaluate the main points.

Advantages of living in New York

The greatest advantage of living in a cosmopolitan like New York is the availability of stores at every corner of the city. One can avail all the needful articles and they are all available within walking distances. So much so that one can leave dinner in the midway to buy salt if needed and get back to finish the dinner in time. There are several stores distributed all over the city and are always available to the citizens.

Another advantage of New York is the city is greener and more energy-efficient compared to other great cities of the world. Though there is a good amount of emission, it can be stated that this city is more environmentally friendly. The advantage a citizen gets out of this is comparatively fresher air to breathe.

The US is known for its opportunity and New York is one city that stands for this opportunity. Even in the middle of an economic meltdown, it is highly sustainable for people who are able to grab it. As a result, it is the favorite destination for all the populace with ability.

The public transport system is extremely well formulated and it is here that one can easily live without a private automobile. This makes living cheaper in the sense that using public transport is always cheaper than using a private automobile.

Disadvantages of living in New York

The work environment is extremely competitive and backstabbing in the workplace is a common syndrome. It is true that this city is a place of opportunity but only the best can survive the work culture and be successful in this extremely hard and tough competitive scenario.

The living space of New York is very expensive unlike that of New Jersey or other similar regions. However, one of the most disturbing disadvantages of New York is its undercurrent of racism. It does not matter whether one is colored or white, the vibe of racial presence is always there and it applies to all the races present in the city. Incidents of racism are well documented all over the city in all walks of life.

Advantages of living in Paris

The greatest advantage of living in Paris is its open culture and acceptance of races in the city. In a way, Paris is truly a colorblind society though, like New York, there is a crossword of the confluence of all possible races, caste and creed in the city. Here, there is no distinction between colors and it is embedded in society. This is the greatest advantage of living in Paris and the most distinctive difference with New York.

The cuisine of Paris is world-famous and one can get exorbitant quality of food from all over the world. It can be stated that this city is the food capital of the world and if one is ready to spend, one can get any and every possible cooking in this city.

Paris is also a feast for the eyes. The architecture is brilliant and there is a lovely cultural vibe in the air and there is a wide range of entertainment and performing arts all over the city throughout the year. One cannot, but feel cultured just living in the city.

Disadvantages of living in Paris

However, Paris has its fair share of disadvantages too. Living in Paris has a price and it is one of the costliest cities in the world. It can be estimated that living in Paris is three times costlier than living in New York. Alongside, the public transport system is not as well equipped as New York making it a more polluted city than New York even there the central parts of the city can well boast about its parks and greens. Furthermore, Paris, being an older city than New York, is less planned and therefore it is congested at areas.


Thus, it is clear that both the cities have their own share of advantages and disadvantages and while New York can be seen as the city of opportunity, Paris can be labeled as the city of culture. On the same note, it can be stated that the issue of racism is a fundamental difference between the two cities. It is true that all cities are unique in their own rights and these two cities are the same in this context, while Paris is unique as an open cultured cosmopolitan, New York, on the other hand, is the city of dreams and dreams come true. Both these cities are special and both these cities rank as the foremost leaders of the world.

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