Love vs Fear: The Song of Roland and Hamlet

In the substantial space, there are only two emotions that exist, love and fear, and all the other sentiments are just distinctions of the above mentioned. Such sentiments are like high opinion, conformity, and being acquiescent. To set in motion with love is a sentiment based on knowing that everything happens because of God or a singularity and hence interconnection while fear is the emotion based on the figment of the mind’s eye of being alienated with God or the spectacle. The spectacle could even be a love partner, a friend, a relative, or even a leader.

Love is completely rooted in knowing but fear is based on faith and mostly it is not factual. When someone is given too much respect by those who are under him or her, he or she will end up being feared and love will not be present at all but if he or she creates a good relationship with them, love will be developed without human intervention. It is better to be loved than to be feared.

Spot on love does not fear as it truly believes and knows that the universe is perfectly safe and is not afraid of any circumstance, it accepts as true that every condition has a rationale and distinguishes that death is only a corporeal alteration of circumstances whereas fear percepts terrorization all over. Moreover, it knows the space is not out of harm’s way at all, it is so much scared stiff by death that it will do whatever thing to avoid it.

Unlike love, fear is just an illusion and not a turn of phrase of truth. It is one thing to be feared and another to be loved and each one comes with many advantages and disadvantages. For effective management, both love and fear are heavy terms but at times trepidation outdistances love. In Machiavelli’s, Hamlet’s revenge on his uncle does not portray any sign of love, for with love no blood can be shed. Roland finds many people supporting him and despite his status, he has a true love for many because he cannot even think of vengeance, he is prized to an extent that people die for him. Love comes hand in hand with high opinion but fear has more abhorrence. Hamlet has more fear than love especially to the queen that he knows the most important thing is only being obedient to her not knowing love is superior to compliance.

Oliver who is Roland’s best friend loves him and does not have any element of fear as he even helps him make decisions that are of his good; he even ends up dying for Roland’s mistakes. Love is always a true feeling and everybody seeks it, fear causes death as nobody wants to live intimidated hence the cause of coercion is eliminated. When there is fear many things are done against the soul’s wishes and nothing is genuine as it does not come from deep within and the reason there are many unhappy people is that they base most of their actions on fear, such actions include quitting something out of intimidation.

In conclusion, being loved is better than being feared since love-based actions result in healthier things; being happy, peace and security are some of the consequences of love.

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