Military Service: The Obligation of the American Citizens

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It is unfortunate that most of us associate the military with killing other people but it is important to look at the wider picture. The military is a very integral part of the nation and it is the best way in which one can show their patriotism and loyalty towards their country. We should look at the military in a more perceptive manner. Consider a young adult who has just completed high school and is about to join college. Most of these young adults are not mature enough to make prudent decisions. That is why we find that most of our college students engage themselves in immoral behaviors as they lack the actual world experience. As a loyal and patriotic citizen of this country, I believe that the army is very important in shaping our lives and structuring our country, hence a need to serve in the army for at least two years.


Joining the military is associated with various benefits. It is a good opportunity for one to realize their patriotism in addition to educational standards. As one wise man once said in the proverbial phrase, “United we stand, divided we fall”, joining the army is a show of integrity for the sake of one’s country. The act of togetherness is an indicator of a strong nation; both mentally and physically. In addition, this togetherness will bring about a secure feeling within the government officials consequently reducing their trigger-happiness. Therefore, other nations would not dare attack America since it would seem arduous to take the country over. Through engagement in the military, people will get aroused with interest to learn about the affairs of the world and politics (Bailey, pp. 53-57).

Selection and placement into the field is followed by basic training. This training is very important in as far as moral values are concerned. During the training, individuals will have self-esteem, discipline, pride and physical fitness instilled in them. Take a look at these four traits and think how much impact they would have in your life. The military is therefore not a place where ones moral are eroded due to the associated fighting. Instead, it is place where one gets to be strong and is ready to defend what he or she believes in (Woodruff, Kelty and Segal, pp. 360-366).

The inclusion of high school graduates into the military after high school will lead to the expansion of the military. Data from the bureau of statistics has it that, in the year 2006, about 2.5 million students graduated from high school. Such numbers would result into an expansion of the military by twice as much. There would be no need of stretching forces on the ground through back-to-back tours as there would be enough forces. The military would now be able to defend American soil in case of conflict in some other place, without strain (Perry, pp. 15-17).

The most important reason as to why we should become part and parcel of the U.S military is to offer tangible accountability for declaration of war by those with power. In such a case, Congress is not supposed to shirk its responsibility as it happened in Iraq where it passed on its war-making powers to the executive. The population of the United States would become actively involved in the actions of the military as they would develop vested interests. Subsequently, the US would be engaged in less international military excursions if the perception of war were to change from an abstract conception to the real situation where you as an American, will be part of the conflict at hand (Woodruff, Ryan and David, pp. 360-366).

The military is a very functional unit in as far as maintaining peace is concerned. The aftermath of lessened international military excursions would be an opportunity for America to experience peace. With the peaceful state, the military would be engaged in various nation-building activities. The national trail system for instance needs professional maintenance and the military is in the rightful position to execute such responsibility. The military would also be involved in the search and rescue teams which would be on standby at all recreation designated areas. The railway would use much help in the establishment of a high speed rail network to facilitate the transportation system in the country. There are other major sectors which would benefit as a result of a broad and strong military (Eighmey, pp. 311-317).

It is possible for us to afford a system that entails serving the military for two years. By virtue of waiving college tuition fees, individuals will not only have the capacity to enroll in college but will also have a practical and reasonable approach towards life as a result of lessons learnt while in the military. This way, individuals will be more responsible and we will have a responsible nation (State House, pp. 7-9).


An immense military force will have a great impact on the political, economic and spiritual aspects of American lives. It will enable us to appreciate what we have and not to take for granted that which we have. This kind of realization is very important as it will trigger immense dedication and commitment on our part so as to defend our beloved society and the United States at large. Let us look at the many great things the army would do to further development in our nation, and let’s join hands in agreeing to serve our country through the army for at least two years.

Thank you.

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